Sa’y between Safa and Marwa is the mandatory ritual of Umrah Al-Mufradah which is performed by the pilgrims. Sa’y is an Arabic term which actual meanings are to make circumambulation as back and forth between Safa and Marwa from those who appear for pilgrimage. Indeed, the act of Sa’y is the remembrance of Hajar (AS) “the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)”.

She circumambulated between Safa and Marwa in order to search the clue of water at climbing them for her infant. After leaving behind his family from Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to fulfill the order of Lord, his wife faced famine in the deserted valley. When the infant cried for extreme thirst, meanwhile she ran towards nearby hills such as Safa and Marwa. If you avail April umrah packages 2020 then you must perform Sa’y to follow the way of Hajar (AS). She first climbed Safa and then Marwa after nothing found of water clue.

When she went towards Marwa hill and after just glimpse around there she came back towards Safa to keep an eye to save her infant from wild. She again moved towards Marwa to find the sign of water from the top of the hill but staying a little while she came back towards Safa to keep an eye to save her infant. Thus, seven times she made her course in order to find the water from Safa to Marwa and vice versa. After seven running, God accepted her trial as she remained steadfast during the test and did not a complaint.

God so much liked the act of Hajar (AS) that she was rewarded with the Zamzam water. In this way, she removed the thirst of her infant with Zamzam water. Since Zamzam was concerned with the trial of Sa’y, so both became the compulsory rituals of pilgrimage.

Since there is no forcefulness in Islam, so pilgrims are allowed to renounce Sa’y act with some compensation while complication. Let’s see in what circumstances pilgrims are allowed to discontinue Sa’y.

• If pilgrims renounce Sa’y in ignorance or forgetfulness then they should return and perform it whenever they have remembered. And if this causes severe hardness for them, then they should take a substitute to perform that on their behalf. So, this is not Haraam (prohibited).
• During the act of Sa’y between Safa and Marwa, if prayer (Salah) time occurs, so pilgrims must discontinue Sa’y. And after performing the prayer they should complete the act of Sa’y.
• If an emergency occurs during the Sa’y, so pilgrims may stop Sa’y. And after coming back, the pilgrims should continue the act of Sa’y wherever they had stopped it. Pilgrims can also take a rest in extreme tiredness, yet after taking the rest they should continue until Sa’y completes. Pilgrims are not allowed to sit as for anything.
• Taking rest during Sa’y is permissible in fatigue but pilgrims should not delay too long as a matter of precaution. As they have arranged umrah packages 2020 prices by taking the pain, so they should not take the risk.
• If pilgrims recall the Tawaf prayer during the act of Sa’y, so they should return and perform the prayer of Tawaf close of Maqam e Ibrahim. And after offering the Tawaf prayer, pilgrims should continue Sa’y wherever they stopped.

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