Air conditioner is one of the most sophisticated device used by us. But in the present times it has become more of a necessity then a luxury. A general air conditioner has life expectancy of approximately ten years. If after eight years of usage you are getting exorbitant repair bills then it is time to take a call and replace the present AC with a new one.

  1. Latest air conditioners are energy efficient! According to experts of AC installation in Spring TX, modern and latest air conditioners are much more energy efficient as compared to the air conditioners which were available in the market a decade ago. When sixty percent of your power expenses is due to the energy spent on cooling the place, it is better to replace the old air conditioner after certain period of time, with a new and much more energy efficient air conditioner.
  2. Warranty! According to a technician at an AC installation service centre, old air conditioners usually outlive their warranty period. And it is these air conditioners only which gives many repair and cooling troubles. You will need to pay high repair bills in order to get their parts replaced and restore their cooling capacity. Even if you have an extended warranty on your air conditioner, what if the part of that air conditioner is out dated and no more available in the market?
  3. Environment friendliness! Another very important reason to replace old air conditioner with a new one is environment friendliness. According to an AC installation contractor all the advanced technologies used in air conditioners are committed to cause minimal damage to the environment. Earlier air conditioners used to emit gases which were the cause of ozone layer depletion. But now air conditioners are made in such a way that they do not emit such gases and damage caused to the ozone layer is curbed. Another air conditioning installation technician tells that these days small units are used for cooling large area. This makes air conditioner much more energy efficient as compared to their predecessors.
  4. Indoor air quality! According to an air conditioner repair technician, along with cooling and conditioning the air of the room, air conditioner is also responsible for maintaining the quality of indoor air. Air pollution is not only outdoor but it can be caused by indoor air too and is also a major health hazard. Old air conditioners may release moulds, bacteria, chemicals or dust which can pollute indoor air. If you are facing any such trouble then it is time to change the unit.
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