Among the many different forms of housing structures available in Singapore, condominiums seem to enjoy special attention from the many corporate professionals located in the city. In fact, it has been seen that more and more executives and professionals are shifting their focus towards condominiums as their preferred choice of homes. One of the most prominent reasons behind this is location.

Most of the major condominium complexes being developed in the city today have exceptional accessibility to the popular commercial and business districts of Singapore. Hence, such locations are very helpful to these executives and professionals as it reduces their commutation time by a great extent. Moreover, by living close to the popular business districts of the city, these professionals have easy access to the various means of commutation like public busses, MRT trains, etc.

This helps them to obtain public transport with sufficient ease and save considerable amounts of money on transport.The most astonishing fact about the popularity of these condominium complexes is that they are universally popular among all executives and professionals, regardless of their income and salary structures. Hence, it can be determined that the sudden rise in the demand of such condominium complexes has little to do with their inexpensive prices, and more to do with their locations.

Moreover, these condominiums also help these professionals to maintain an easy lifestyle without any unnecessary hassles that are usually associated with private single-unit homes. By opting for a condominium in popular properties like the Botanique at Bartley, executives can reduce the workload and effort that needs to be put in behind the maintenance and cleaning of the large amounts of spaces that single-unit houses normally have. Moreover, condominiums do not have private gardens and lawns, and hence, maintenance work is also reduced in this regard as the common garden and lawns of condominiums are cared for by hired professionals.

Another area in which condo units offer tremendous convenience to executives is costs and expenses for the maintenance of the homes. By opting for smaller condos and apartments, professionals can reduce their expenses behind their homes, and make more savings for other purposes. This is also helpful for professionals who live away from their families for their work as they can send home more money at the end of every month. Even for professionals who live in such homes with the families, it allows them to save more money that can be better utilized in other essential areas.

There are a number of other benefits that professionals can obtain by opting for luxury residential condominium units instead of private single-unit homes in Singapore. Hence, it is no wonder that a large number of working professionals and executive can be seen flocking every Bartley condo new launch or other similar areas in the city in order to find the perfect residential condos that suits their needs and requirements. After all, a live of convenience and luxury is desired by all, and kind of convenience condominiums offer cannot easily be matched by other residential properties.

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With an association of over a decade with properties like the Botanique at Bartley, Maryann Wilson has been constantly helping executives find the best condos in every Bartley condo new launch.