There are certainly attributes that a leader must exercise such as listening skills, communication skills, empathy, and caring about the team to name a few. Most of the time when techniques are discussed on how to be a leader it is not discussed how to act. In others words the conduct of a leader.

For instance a leader should dress professionally but what does that mean? Does it mean that a suit should be worn at all times so that the leader is distinguished from the team? It is my feeling that the team will get use to this however it is a good thing to sometimes be a regular person. Whether that is dress down Fridays or a training session it goes a long way to say a leader is not above the team. The team will always know who the leader is. We can see this often on practice fields for sports, the coach usually just wears sweats and a tee shirt as the team is in their practice uniforms.

In speaking a leader should control the voice speaking clearly but in a medium tone. The manner should be upbeat in a way that says it is believed the job will get done. Requests need to be stated with direction and as part of this make sure the direction was understood. It is certainly OK to smile as a thank you is given. The thank you is another way to state belief in the team because it is coming before the task is completed.

It is a good idea for the leader to at times just have a talk about something that has nothing to do with work. It shows the members of the team that the leader is well rounded and not just about work. This helps the members relate to the leader better. It isn't being their best friend because that sometimes causes problems but it is allowing some other parts of life to be seen a little.

The conduct of a leader should be professional yes, but also show that a regular human being happens to be a leader.

Liz Cosline

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In management over 22 years in different scenarios and fields.

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