One of the necessary actions for success is taking risks; the old saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is very true when it comes to reaching goals, to achieving success. However, not everyone is willing to risk their security, real or imagined, for a chance at being successful. In order to take that kind of risk, a person needs to have confidence in themselves and the world around them.

Risk and Success

The Law of Averages is a powerful principle when used correctly. Basically, this law states that every attempt to reach a goal has a probability of success, and that probability will be in effect every time you try to accomplish that task. Probability is not a guarantee; it is a chance of success. You can improve that probability by your actions, understanding, and experience, but it is still only a chance.

That means you must take a risk for success, a risk that events will not work out the way you desire. And every time you try to achieve something, you must risk something in return. To be a person who is willing to take that chance, willing to risk something to gain something, you need a characteristic called confidence. You need to feel that you can handle the results of your attempt, good or bad.

Types of Confidence

There are two areas where you must have confidence in order to take the risk for success. The first area where you need confidence is in yourself. You must believe that you are capable of handling the results of the attempt, good or bad. You need to believe in your ability to handle the unexpected as well as the expected. Then, and only then, are you willing to take that “leap of faith” needed to make the effort to reach success.

The second area where you need confidence is in the world around you. If you believe the world is a negative place, where bad things happen more often than good, where there is scarcity so that your success is another’s pain, then you are not going to be willing to make the effort. To risk something for success, you need to believe in the Law of Abundance, that the world is a growing environment, where your success can help not only yourself but others as well. You need to believe that the world is a good place, where good things happen more often than not; or at least that the world is a neutral place, where the probability of success will be the ruling factor. You need the confidence of a positive perspective of your world in order to make the risk. You need to expect good results so you are willing to take the risk of loss, knowing that you will gain more often than lose.

Gaining Your Confidence

There are many ways to gain confidence in both yourself and your world. One of the best ways is to look at your history, focusing on the good things rather than the bad. We tend to remember the bad because of the pain; instead, remember the good. Remember when you achieved a goal, when events fell in your favor, when your luck was good. Focus on those, and you can gain the confidence you need to make the risky actions needed to achieve great results.

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John Steely has been teaching mathematics, study skills, and habits of success for over 25 years. This material comes from a course on Deep Self Confidence offered on his website.