As parents our job is to teach our children how to be the person that will attract the kind of people they want to be around. As we empower them to respect and be kind to others, it will reflect on how they feel about themselves.

When we teach them how to be a kind and responsible person we are really teaching them three things:

Character and
Critical Thinking.


Confidence is the belief that you can do things well. There is an air of assurance and trust that others can see and are drawn to in relationships.

Here is what a confident person looks like shoulders back, their chest open. Their hands are not clenched or crossed, this posture shows that they are open and their heart is speaking to other peoples hearts. Our posture shows we are approachable. Confident people look other people in the eye, and smile. They smile without assuming the other person is going to smile back.


Our children need to learn character and values, so they will never be caught in situational ethics. Our children need to know what their values are before they are put into situations where those values are going to be tested. If children are put in a situation where another child is being picked on or teased, they should know the kind of person they are, or want to be, and be empowered to make a decision on how to get involved based on their values.

They need to know they don't want to participate in a situation where someone may be hurt. A child should know already that they want to be a kind person, before they are ever put into a situation where they are required to decide.

If children have made the decision early in life to be kind, they will easily be able to make the decision that they don't want to be involved in teasing others, even if it means going against the group.

Critical Thinking

Our children need to be taught to think critically and be problem solvers. Over the next decade the ability to solve problems is going very important to our children. We need them to learn not only to solve conflict, but manage it.

Empower Children To Be Problem Solvers

Children need to learn these skills so they do not become whiners or tattles, but empower themselves to be strong. Learning to determine if conflicts that are happening are small problems and can be solved easily, or if there is a larger problem,(like someone being hurt) that may require intervention by an adult.

Always Choices in Life

Here are some questions for you to think about today. You are invited to share your thoughts or comments here or on our website.

1. How did you learn to solve problems?

2. Do you feel that you are a good problem solver?

3. Can you think of different solutions to situations that come up daily?

4. Can you "pick your battles" and let small problems go?

5. Are you able to look and feel confident most of the time?

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