Have you ever found that you suffer from low self esteem? If something happens to you, something negative, do you beat yourself up over it constantly?

Do you find yourself thinking 'That was stupid' or perhaps "I'm fat" or even "No one could ever love me"? These are only a few good examples of course, and there are actually quite a few more. The point however is that negative statements like this can suck the life out of you.

These statements however, do not need to be a permanent part of your life, even if it seems that they are at the moment. If you go about it right, you will find that there are a number of ways that you can effectively 'reprogram' yourself, bringing life into an entirely different perspective once and for all.

Positive Affirmations are important, and these are a few ways that you can bring them into your life:

Use Present Tense. Saying "I can" or "I am" is always preferable over "I will or I may". Using the present tense reminds you of what you do have rather than what you could have.

There are a few good examples that you could work into your everyday life, for instance you might tell yourself "I am beautiful" or perhaps "I will not make that mistake again"

You need to opt for the statements that have positive attributes as these will have the greatest impact on your life.

Use your name when you express the affirmations. Hearing your own name makes a huge difference, believe it or not. Address yourself properly and you never know just how far you might be able to go!

Affirmations should be done in moderation. Focus on one or two from the offset. You don't want to be overwhelmed, and you may have many positive attributes. If you forget to do things in moderation however, your subconscious could be overwhelmed and stunt any progress that you might have made.

If you run into someone who starts talking about how great you are, it might be okay at first, but how are you going to feel after the second or even third compliment? Are you going to continue taking it as a compliment or are you going to start feeling a bit annoyed? The same logic applies if you are complimenting yourself!

Practice your Affirmations. You might believe your affirmations, but it is important for you to practice them often. Practice makes perfect, especially if you want to experience a lasting change.

Don't worry about Writing your Affirmations. Yes, you could write your affirmations quite easily, but there are also a number of good books out there that contain affirmations that you can apply toy our daily life. Don't let the lack of writing skill or inability to compose a positive mantra hold you back. It's your life, take control of it!

Remember that low self-esteem is a factor that prevents many of us from completing our life goals. Use these five steps to remind yourself that you are worth it, and soon enough you may be experiencing a more positive side of life.

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