I was on one of the relationship forum sites and a very interesting discussed topic came across in front of me which I would like to share. This was on conflicts between two sisters.

According to younger sister:

Her elder sister, married with no children, has never been an easy person to get along with and has always been very keen on opening her mind. The younger sister has 3 grown-up children.

The problem began when elder sister criticized them in the past, and again very recently.

This time, however, younger sister felt frustrated with her sister's continued criticizing attitude towards her children.

The issue started on X-Mas day when she sent younger sister's middle son a present which he failed to thank her. Apparently, the present was sent to younger sister place as her son was working abroad over X-Mas itself. However, she quite agrees that he should have thanked her, as it easy enough in this age of electronic gadgets.

Because of the lack of thanks, her sister said she wouldn't be buying him a birthday present this year. This is the different part that her elder sister messaged him on his birthday, but he didn't reply until the following day as he didn't have her number in his phone so didn't know who the message was from, and she didn't identify herself in it. When I wished him saying his aunt had messaged him and asking if he'd replied, at which point he realized who it was from.

Now elder sister is saying that he 'claims' not to have had her number, in other words calling him a liar, and is unhappy about his late reply to her message.

Very sick of her attitude, and the fact she is the only family she has (apart from her children) so doesn't want to lose her. She has now maintained a minimum contact with her.

As per my opinion:
Family relationships aren't so easy.

Relationships are branches of the same tree and mature and grow with time and support each other.

If we want a long-lasting and healthy relationship trust and kindness is key to maintain it irrespective of what others expectation are.

Being kind leads to strong family bonding, no matter how others treat us.

The most gracious of people whom everyone loves are sometimes treated rudely. That doesn't change their behavior, they continue to spread kindness and happiness and teach their kids to be kind.

Sometimes we don't understand why others behave the way they do and the reason is that we don't have their perspective.

Your children lives will be a thousand-fold better if they learn the art of being generous, kind even in most dreaded situations.

All relations are precious and one should value them.

It depends on us and us only how strong and beautiful relationship we want to build.

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Neetu Agarwal
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Spent 8 years working for the National Health organization (NHS-UK) in the area of HR & Autism and Learning Disability. Digital marketing enthusiast and a blog writer.