Are you in the process of designing a new bathroom or renovating the same? Are you clueless about which way to go to blend in perfectly awesome design and efficient functionality?! Well, confusion is bound to happen as a washroom is a sensitive space in any house – a place where one begins one’s day and ends the day too. The options for its design are available in hundreds of quality and quantity, and you have to make some really serious decision making depending upon your aesthetics and budget.

A bathroom is basically adorned by attractive tiles! Be it on the floor or the walls, these tiles have the power to glam up this wet space and create an admirable place for us to freshen up. That is why the tiles you choose play a vital role in your bathroom design. That’s the reason you should always stay calm while choosing the suitable bathroom tiles in NZ from Tile Depot. Their exclusive range of exquisite tiles will create a magical effect on you, and you would be tempted to buy them all – but you have to make up your mind and take your pick.

How to choose the best and most suitable tiles for your bathroom?

As we said, designs and colours in bathroom tiles are never ending. You could engage the services of tilers in Wellington to bring you out of all the dilemma, and help you with some easy guide that’ll aid you to select the best tiles for your bathroom:

  1. Know the type of bathroom— The very first thing to consider when buying the tiles for a bathroom is to know for whom the bathroom is being constructed? Is it a kid’s bathroom? Which would need some bright coloured funky looking tiles! Or is it a bathroom in the common area of the home that would cater to guests? Then you could go with subtle colours and geometric designs. Or it is for a newlywed? Then you could think of happy florals or thematic sun and sand! The nature of the people using the bathroom impacts choosing the tiles a lot!
  2. Choose the show stopper first—In each bathroom, there is a show stopper tile design which reigns the walls and is surrounded by a line of more subtle tiles around it. The subtle ones create the perfect backdrop for the focal tiles to stand out. Make sure you pick up the most captivating one as the show stopper tile, since it is going to rule your bathroom and you should love looking at it all the time.
  3. Get the most suitable sub tiles — After selecting the main tile design that’s going to be highlighted in your bathroom, it is time to choose the neighbouring pieces. Go for contrasting it with the main ones -- even this should be totally admirable. These should hold up your eyes with their beauty, and should enhance the look of the showstopper tile when placed around it.
  4. Even the floor should be glamorous — A bathroom with a shiny sparkling floor looks enticing! Choose the kind of tile that would glam up on your floor and compliment well with the wall tiles. If you go for uniform tiles for both floor and walls, think again! Try placing them in such a manner, and then decide. But make sure these are anti-skid ones that would provide a bit of friction when you walk on them. That would ensure that no accidents happen even when the tiles are wet.
  5. Size matters too — There can be some tiles which are attractive to a heavenly point! But the sizes which are available are too large, and even if you try to cut them and put up in your bathroom, you can never get that ideal look of it. When such circumstances occur, better choose for the one that fits in your space well in its original design and doesn’t need much breaking up!
  6. Cleaning issues exist — Ok! Enough of being enchanted by the beauty of the glamorous tiles! Yes! Cleaning the tiles is also a matter to think of when buying the tiles. If you are selecting the ones with lot of carved stone patterns or crushed, rough look on its surface, be ready to scrub it regularly to keep it looking sparkling. If not, smoother ones are best for maintenance and cleaning.
  7. Safety is a criterion— Smooth bathroom tiles are often slippery. So, if you are choosing the same, go for slightly rough ones and avoid smoother ones. Also, the quality of tiles impacts their slippery factor a lot. Don’t forget to take this into consideration.

Thus, all the confusing matters of choosing great tiles for your bathroom are now solved! Now just check the pointers and get the best one for your beautiful bathroom! 

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