Congruency is very sexy to the Law of Attraction. The universe responds positively when your thoughts, emotions and actions all line up. Your positive energy signals the universe to take notice. Consider the things you say you want for yourself. What are your goals for your practice? To really be successful you must have alignment between your values and goals.

Visualization is a powerful tool for reaching your goals. Vividly imagine yourself being in your ideal life, having a full thriving practice and supportive positive relationships. While you are imagining all of this begin to check in with yourself. Are you feeling comfortable with this vision or does something feel “off” to you? Don’t disregard any subtle feeling of discomfort. Your subtle energy is important to acknowledge. The next step is to connect with the vibration; identify the feeling.

I use visualization all the time, not only with my clients, but for myself as well. This process helps me to become really clear on my goals and create a positive intention. When my intention and my values are aligned, being I can clearly see how I want it all to work out, I can feel a positive shift in my vibration.

Think about your ideals and goal. Are you taking all the steps to reach your goal or do you freeze, remaining stuck? Any disconnect between what you say you want for yourself and what actions you are taking will block you from success.

Suzie has a goal for success and more money. On the inside, however, there was resistance to reaching her goal. By asking specific questions, we began to unravel the mystery. Discovering the root belief to success and money was important.

When Suzie began to process her feelings, we discovered an old belief which prevented her from taking the steps necessary to successfully reach her goal. Suzie had already done a lot of personal growth work and thought she had resolved her issues about her childhood.

When we discussed the resistance, there was a series of events which happened. We focused on one specific event which she identified as having the biggest impact on her life.

Suzie learned it was not safe to ask for what she needs. In fact, at a very young age she began to take care of her parent’s needs. She was so young and didn’t really know how, but tried to do the best she could to make them happy.

As you can imagine, Suzie was great at taking care of everyone else, but it was tiring for her. We began to work on reframing her beliefs and values. She was able to look back on her relationship with her parents and see some things differently now that she was an adult. She admits her relationship with her parents has changed a lot as they have gotten older.

Suzie focused on releasing old beliefs which prevented her from asking for what she needs. She began to formulate new beliefs which supported her goals for success and money. She was amazed at the connection between her childhood and her current circumstances.

She really thought that she had resolved these issues years ago. Most likely she did resolve many aspects of this issue through previous personal growth work. When she made the decision to grow her business, new aspects about her childhood arose. It doesn’t mean she didn’t resolve her issues earlier, she did. Making the choice to grow her practice triggered different aspects of her childhood. Now was the time for her to be looking at them in order to continue doing her work.

You want to have consistency between what you present externally and how you feel on the inside. The external and internal parts of yourself need to be aligned to truly have the success claim you want for yourself. Your internal beliefs drive you to either take action or remain inactive. Worse yet, being incongruent and having a disconnect between your values and your goals contributes to sabotage.

Become aware of your subtle beliefs. Although they might be silent, they are very powerful. This subtle influence will affect your outcome each and every time. Identify your driving force and determine whether your values and goals are aligned, or not.

Bringing the unconscious to the conscious is powerful. Choose your beliefs. Determine which values continue to apply to your current life and circumstances. Values are fluid. They can be changed as you change.

Decide if you want to reframe some of your core values with something more appropriate for present circumstances and goals. Making the choice to take inventory of your core values is empowering. Take control by making a conscious choice.

Successful goals are based upon your values. Look at your goals. Instead of listing activities you need to take to reach those goals, focus on behavior changes you would like to make to create congruency between what you say you want for yourself and what you are doing about it to make that happen.

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