We all know what it is like to be alone in a room surrounded by others, to see faces and yet not know how to connect or belong. There are so many people in this world satisfied with only knowing a few people because it is easy and stretching further is hard. To have a base of friends is important, but sometimes knowing others and not being afraid to leads to great things.

It opens up doors and begins new paths. To stretch a little more, to branch out further, can give you the perspective you need on your life. Have you ever wondered about a certain person but held yourself back? Do you feel too shy to interact first? You can, often we tell ourselves what we can and cannot do and then believe it.

You can interact with anybody. Start a conversation and then listen. You will find people are only too happy to know someone cares to find out about them. In return you will find a new ally, a new perspective, and maybe even a new you. Find someone today, reach out, you can do it first. Find out what they know. The more you try the easier it will become. Allow yourself to flourish and find others you are meant to know.

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I found myself from a very early age always seeking, on a constant quest to understand. I feel most comfortable learning and this desire correlates with a need to connect and help others. That is why in the beginning I chose acupuncture as a career, it seemed like a perfect fit. But I found a lack of compassion directed towards the center of being, not only in myself but others. I ended up in a situation that changed all this. I found who I was and who I am meant to be. It all clicked and came together. My desire for knowledge and eternal desire to really see and help others has brought me to this place in time, to this place with you. Allow me to help you feel complete, like stepping into that perfect spot, that place meant for you in your own life. Connect and feel the difference not only in yourself but in world around you.
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