Los Angeles, CA—May 30th 2011– Take a time to explore yourself with the alchemy of Spain, during this enchanting experience the host Suzanne Toro integrates the art of conversation with information for you to share about the
nourishing and medicinal power of the meal.

The cooking from within class will be brought at The Factory Restaurant (4020 Atlantic Boulevard Long Beach, CA) next June 8th. This experience includes: cocreation, food, preparing the sacred table, and spontaneous storytelling experience, the cost for everything is about $63.00 USD.

During this class you will learn about the magic and medicinal qualities of these foods. The collaboration and ease of preparation will afford us the time to connect in conversation, expression and inner healing guided by Suzanne. Check the menu for this food experience and read more about the class on Suzanne´s Official Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/SuzanneToroOfficial)

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Toro, a Shamanic Broadcaster, Sound-Intuitive Healing Channel, Writer,Poet,Food Alchemist and ―Co-Creator in projects inspired to transform and rejuvenate humanity and planet earth. Creator of revolutionary Bare Naked Dinners, a tantalizing culinary experience designed to inspire conversation and laughter, during which guests can lower their walls and open up to one another in a positive and enriching manner while dining on a sumptuous cuisine.