A warm friendly invitation or a sales piece? Which do you want representing your business? I have worked with a wide variety of intuitives, energy healers, readers, spiritual counselors and others who struggle with their marketing materials. How does one create something welcoming. How does one write about success and abilities with out sounding pretentious or putting others off?

It is really very simple. Begin in a relaxed manner. Breathe, meditate and connect with your inner guides. From this place decide on a focal point. What comes to you when you relax and consider your business.

Do you wish your clients to connect with you alone then choose a picture of yourself. Do you have a logo or graphic that defines your business? If so use that. Perhaps words are more meaningful and you feel that a quote or testimonial reflects your work. Then here is your focal point.

If you have concerns over your focal point or any items. Turn it over to your guides. Muscle testing, a pendulum or just feeling good about each component will mean that you are on the right path.

Place your focal point on the cover. Your focal point will be the largest feature; you may wish to carry it through out the brochure. For Intuitves International I wanted to convey our theme: Helping You Help the World. Within that theme I wanted to include spirituality, diversity and professionalism.

As you connect with your focal point, other pieces will begin to suggest themselves. Fonts, colors, graphics will begin to just look or feel right.

I felt called to use the color orange. Orange is a color of intellect, warmth and positiveness. I chose fonts that were easily readable yet felt more inviting than the usual Times Roman. One of our members, an international energy healer, likes the lean look of Arial Narrow. Her materials are all consistent with this look and like her are lean, professional yet inviting with a touch of interest.

If the creation is not coming easily to you, you may be trying to hard. Go back to the breathing, relaxing and opening of your thoughts. For those who are still finding it difficult contact a professional. You can also share what you have started with other intuitives and allow them to make suggestions.

Remember all of your materials can be changed. You will find that as you evolve and your business grows that there will be many shifts and tweaks to your way of marketing. Nameste

Author's Bio: 

Keri Silk is the Founder and President of Intuitives International. Keri successfully runs multiple businesses out of her home including fundingsuccess.us for grant writing and resources; keridakkae.com where she shares her love of the spiritual, tarot and works individually with clients to create amazing lives and finally Intuitves International. Keri believes that the world is shifting and that marketing will need to come from spirit to be effective. 866-279-8666