A man I spoke to recently told me how he just couldn’t get beyond a certain point. He told me about how deeply intuitive he is with regard to other people and how they should progress in life but he couldn’t work out how to move his own life forward.

Looking at his energy, before me I immediately saw a conflict between his head and his heart. The two looked to me as though they operated bereft of the other’s existence. He was a clever man who was used to sorting out problems for other people by listening to his logic and using his NLP skills. However, his heart energy was screaming, ‘please, please, make him listen. I’m stuck in here. He has so much to offer but can’t ‘see’ himself’.

Often in life as a sensitive we come across the circumstances where we can so clearly see a way forward for everyone else except ourselves. Whenever I see this happen, I call it the ‘separation between the head and the heart’, with neither one talking to the other. One sense becomes dominant over the other and eventually this shows up in the outer world in our relationships with other people: ‘he won’t communicate’; ‘she won’t say what she wants’. The mists form until you both wander your separate paths. This is a typical scenario depicting the separation between the head and the heart.

The next time you have an important decision to make, listen to BOTH your head and your heart. Listen to sense, whether both agree on your options, or how one can compromise with the other. Magically you will see your outer relationships with partner, friends and family improve beyond what you imagined was possible. Your inner world will feel calm and peaceful; your intuitive and psychic abilities will reach new heights.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we over-complicate things, or sometimes we are looking in the wrong direction. When the head and heart are listening to each other things that bothered you previously will melt away to be replaced with a general sense of calm. By combining logic and heart energy we can find the solution to the problem and experience the transformative nature of our own spirit in our everyday life. That’s when we can realise our soul’s true plan. Opportunities to challenge your core beliefs will abound and, slowly but surely. Fear in all areas of your life will begin to dissolve.

As for the man I spoke of earlier: we concluded our conversation by my telling him all about what his heart energy wanted and the conflict it was experiencing. His head knew what it wanted, he just hadn’t consulted the rest of him. He needed to listen to his head and his heart together. He looked bewildered, lost even. His logic was struggling to process what I was saying. However, his girlfriend, who was standing next to him, nodded enthusiastically. ‘Yes, yes, that’s exactly what he needs to do; he just doesn’t know it’.

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