There are various factors – psychological and physical – that can cause erectile dysfunction among men. All of them can have their effect in varying ranges – it must be added in the context of this particular discussion as well. Smoking is said to be one of these causes that can lead to erectile dysfunction as well. This is because smoking is highly capable of destroying arteries and blood vessels – it can damage them in such a way that they do not open properly. This in turn leads to them being unable to allow blood to flow freely. In fact WHO (World Health Organization) always warns that people who smoke may die young as well.

This is because by smoking people expose themselves to a wide variety of health issues such as the likes of heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and pulmonary ailments, to name a few.

When is Viagra useless?

You can always buy erectile dysfunction medicine online but if you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis you can be sure that even such effective medicines may not be of much help for you. In fact, recent research has proven that if you wish to achieve an erection that is rigid, quicker, and stronger you have to stop smoking. For that matter research has also proven that men who have quit smoking have achieved better quality with respect to their erections.

What are the sign and causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons as to why you may suffer from erectile dysfunction and many signs of the ailment as well. In case you see any of the signs that would be mentioned over here it would be advisable to seek medical help. This is especially true when the problems have been coming back time and again. This way, your medical doctor would be able to look at what the basic reason for your situation is.

As far as the signs of erectile dysfunction go the most evident sign is that of reduced interest in sex and it also becomes difficult to have a rigid erection when you have this problem. In fact, when you are having sex if you have erectile dysfunction you would find it fairly hard to maintain your erection.

Apart from smoking following are the major causes of erectile dysfunction:

cardiovascular diseases
excess weight
How can erection be made possible?

You normally get erection when a greater amount of blood flows to your penis. It normally happens when sexual thoughts stir you up or when your penis is enjoying some kind of physical touch or the other. When in an aroused state your penis normally relaxes and this allows greater blood to flow through the penile arteries into the two chambers that are there in the penis. The Latin name for penis is corpora cavernosa. As and when these chambers are full of blood your penis stands up in a rigid way. When the muscles contract and you have an orgasm this erection becomes a placid one. 

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