Fear is an interesting obstacle in any person’s life. Many of us never write down our goals, we fear if anyone else sees them they may disprove or even make fun. By never writing down our goals we postpone ever accomplishing them. Because of fear we limit our ability to succeed.

For those of you in a sales type industry you should be able to identify with this next example. Many sales people get into work and spend the first part of the day looking through emails, shuffling their business cards etc… Then they schedule back-to-back appointments on opposite sides of town with plenty of drive time between. I ask the question, why would any sales person drive back and forth across town wasting time? No one in sales would admit to doing it on purpose, but why do they do it at all? I believe the main reason is their fear of rejection. If they can postpone the presentation, they can postpone the opportunity to be confronted with rejection. At the same time the sales person looks busy, they have been out all day doing sales calls.

How do you over come this fear? It can be simple, not “EASY” but it can be simple. What’s the difference between simple and easy? Well breathing is a simple process, right? Your lungs expand and contract bringing needed oxygen into the body. This simple process, on the other hand, can be very difficult during an asthma attack. I mention this example because I do not want to highlight the gravity of the importance of overcoming your fear of rejection. There are a few simple habits to make:

First–dwell on the positive from every situation, not the negative. We become what we think about. If we are continuously thinking about the negative aspects we will be more likely to repeat them. Therefore, spend your time studying and learning about positive things. The more you think about the positive things in your life the more positive things will take place.

Second, tell yourself you are great at what you do every day a thousand times. The world we live in is very negative. The only way you can overcome the negativity of this world is by swinging the pendulum so far the other direction. You control your own thoughts. Only allow the positive in. If you spend a good portion of each day telling yourself you are what you want to be; you will find yourself becoming just what you have told yourself you are.

Third, listen, watch or read 30 minutes of something motivational everyday. Keep pumping the positive information into your head. During your commute is one of the best times to do this. If you drive listen to CD’s or MP3′s, please do not pump that garbage from the radio into your head for two to three hours a day. You are what you think about so think about positive thoughts. If you ride the train, subway, bus or jet use your iPod. Take the down time during the day to better yourself mentally.

The point of all of this is you don’t just become a better person. It is something that you need to work at. Take the opportunities to better yourself, even if it places you outside of your comfort zone. That is the best place to be. It’s where growth takes place.

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