Erection problems are often seen as a problem for older men, but the truth is that men of any age can experience a less-than-stellar performance from time to time. While a bedroom flop might seem like a reason for panic, men who have only occasional bouts of erectile loss may want to look at some other aspects of their lifestyle. Some non-ED causes of erectile problems are detailed below, along with some simple suggestions for improved penis health.
8 Non-ED causes of erection problems:

Erection problems are not always related to erectile dysfunction per se. Other factors related to a man’s physical and emotional health can lead to temporary issues in the bedroom, including:

1. Alcohol use - While a drink or two can help to break the ice and move things toward the bedroom more quickly, overdoing it can have an unintended and unfortunate effect. Alcohol is a depressant, or downer, and one of the victims of the "downer" effect is the ability to become erect. Men who have romantic intentions for the evening should keep their consumption to no more than 2 drinks in order to avoid an embarrassing end to an evening.

2. Smoking - Smoking wreaks havoc on the body in numerous ways, including hardening and narrowing the blood vessels, interfering with neural activity and reducing a man’s stamina. Crushing out the butts is a proactive step toward overall better health, not to mention improved sexual ability.

3. Stress - The pressures of maintaining a job, caring for a family, studying for exams, or anything else that keeps a man up at night can cause chemical stress reactions that tend to interfere with erectile ability. Reducing stress or finding better ways to cope can help to improve a man’s ability to react to stimulation.

4. Poor circulation - Reduced circulation to the penis, whether due to excess body fat, reduced heart function, or just sitting at a desk for too long can restrict blood flow and result in at least temporary reduction in erectile action.

5. Depression - Depression and other emotional or mood disorders can manifest as loss of erectile ability; on the flip side, loss of erectile function can actually lead to depression. In either case, treating the depression with counseling and/or medication may help.

6. Relationship issues - Whether faced with partner conflict or just an old relationship in which the sex just doesn’t feel new and exciting any more, a man who is not feeling comfortable with his mate may not feel aroused every time the occasion calls for it. Couples counseling - or even a change in partners - might provide the answer in this case.

7. Medications - Finally, certain prescription medications can lead to loss of function; when medications are in the mix, talking to a doctor about an alternative may help to resolve the issue.

When erectile dysfunction may be diagnosed

Of course, there is always the potential that there is a more serious underlying health problem that is responsible for impotence issues, and in this case, ED may really be at stake. Erectile dysfunction may be diagnosed when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete intercourse more than 25% of the time, or when he fails to experience night time erections. In this case, treating the health problem appropriately is an important step in restoring normal function.

Keeping the penis in game-ready condition

It goes without saying that being ready for sex means not only being able to get it up, but also feeling confident; and in order to feel confident, a man needs to believe that he is sexy and appealing. Some overall attention to grooming can help to take care of this issue - a shower, change of clothes and a shave can go a long way toward making a man feel attractive.

When it comes time to drop trou, a guy needs to be assured that his equipment is also ready for action - with smooth skin, no rough spots or blemishes, and most of all, no unpleasant, mushroomy odors. Adding a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) fortified with targeted male nutrients and all-natural moisturizers is a good way to ensure that the skin is in top condition. Nutrients like vitamin A, for instance, can help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, while amino acids like L-arginine can promote the skin’s responsiveness to tactile stimulation. On top of these, a natural moisturizer - like Shea butter, olive oil, or jojoba oil, can keep the skin looking smooth and supple, giving it a pleasant appearance.

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