I have been afraid, so afraid that I almost lost myself.
Afraid of what I don’t know, Afraid of what might be.
Afraid that I would never be accepted, afraid that someone won’t accept me for me........
But in all these I ask myself is there nothing that can convert fear to love and certainty?

I remember a time I was invited to talk at a Youth conference. I was not ready something inside me was shaking, I was unsure of what an 18 years old could tell a mighty group of people. My palms were sweaty, Heartbeat was going very high as every minute passed. I couldn’t focus well on the audience. It was not a very comfortable feeling, I knew it was fear.....The fear of facing so many people and making a fool of myself. (enochlophobia).

Then I realized that I needed to practice something which I have been taught overtime . Faith and focus. Faith In God, and focus through meditation. So I stood a while with my eyes closed.Meditating on my faith and focus, made me calm and dissolved the seed of fear, it made me stronger within. And by that time I spoke, I knew they enjoyed every bit of it.

Fear is what we let in when we are unsure of ourselves and circumstance. Fear creeps in where there is no trust. In our busy and complicated lives, our minds must deal with numerous details as we plan and orchestrate our lives.
So many times, I get so scared on how I’m supposed to trust a Person like me. How I will leave my life in someone’s hand, I keep thinking and fearing that all they will do is to embarrass me and shit on my face. Within me, I thought I had something to loose....... I had the fear of being left lonely......all I needed to do was change my #MINDSET#

Understanding how our mind works helps us change ourselves and our present situation. The mind leads what it wants to lead and that’s what your body responds to.
Fear is the result of our mind becoming fixated on images of an undesirable situations we fear will happen to us In Future. The effect of these fears are very real and they have their consequences. It is not just an unpleasant experience to be ignored or accepted stoically.

Fear is a very powerful force that those who are unaware of mind power often use against themselves.Even those of us who understand the mind power fall short of these if we are not dilligent.

Fear is the mind projecting within itself images of what to happen. If the fear is not recognized and dealt with earlier on, it can and will find root within our consciousness .When this happens fear will become a daily occurance,and if their thoughts are allowed to repeat themselves over and over again they will eventually take an Input on a subconscious level. Once This happens the subconscious mind begins to attract the exact expectation we have been protecting . Some will call it mind power in reverse, but it is not .it is yet another example of how mind power work effectively even when we use it with the ugly against ourselves when you are in the grips of fear , ask yourself, “why am I protecting images in my mind of events that I don’t want to remember”

Professional coaches who prepare their athlete to win knows well that when an athlete has a fear of Losing they have already lost.

Unless they change their fear of losing to the expectation of winning. The chances of winning are slim to none.
Same thing goes to health, poverty and failure.

Decide today to overcome fear..

Author's Bio: 

Millicent Hilary chukwuemeka, is an early childhood educator, an author, a counsellor and above all a youth lover
At my spare time, I write my thoughts and lifestyle down for youths to learn from