"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power..." -Jim Morrison

Why do you keep shooting down every opportunity that arises in your life? Do you have any fears and phobias that have really hampered your life? By the way, do you always use these words "Who, me? Not me but him. I didn't do it and you see I had blah... blah... to do" So, do you keep on blaming other people for your mistakes or failures, and finding excuses for having not done something that you're supposed to do?

I know the world is imperfect and this means that there is no person who is always a hundred percent perfect. Even although this is the case, you should keep in mind that success is not fearing that you'll fail. Knowing what you want and going for it ensures that you're working towards your success.

Of course, your fears and phobias will hamper you from working towards success and they can deny you all the joys of life. What I'm telling you is that if your mind is loaded with negative emotions and extreme fears beyond your explanation in the name of phobias, then it will be impossible for you to take opportunities whenever they arise. You won't take risks since you fear that you'll fail.

Every time an opportunity arises in your life all you can do best is to shoot it down. It is like being lost in a dark forest where one doesn't know the right path to take. Without the ability of controlling fears and phobias, it becomes difficult for one to socialize with people and gain from them. Do you know why? The fact is that when a person has got fear of failure, other people will lose confidence in him. The fear of failure creates a bad impression of one's competence.

At times, fear is natural and it may be responsible for increasing the chances of survival in some situations but extreme fear of failure will make you not to achieve your personal objectives. You can actually make your fears to work in favor of you instead of working against you, but this requires great self-control and clear thinking.

Fears and phobias could be the result of a bygone event that was unpleasant, trepidation at the prospect of dealing with another person or the outcome after making a decision. Phobia is a psychiatric term for extreme fear. There are some people who automatically equate phobia with insanity, but this is wrong. Phobias are innate emotional responses, not malformed thought. From clinical psychology perspective, phobia is a type of anxiety disorder.

Phobias may take the form of fears such as fear of heights. Others are more complex like social phobia. Phobias and fears can be embarrassing due to stigma, especially when extreme phobic reactions take place in front of people. Social phobia can be manifested in the fear of public speaking, being surrounded by a crowd or meeting new people. Those people who are suffering from social phobia shake, sweat and they'll try to hide in an almost caricaturist way when confronted with phobic circumstances.

A person who is suffering from phobia and wants to get treated should be careful not to become a "lab rat" for a doctor who is only interested in advancing his own understanding of the phobia condition. It is more important for the person to face his fear and phobia. "Do one thing every day that scares you."-Eleanor Roosevelt

When you keep on doing the thing that you fear most, you'll eventually not fear it.

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