Conscious Awakening

The evolution of consciousness cannot be avoided. It’s the purpose of living! Yet, if we want to experience a powerful and beautiful transformation of consciousness, we have to commit to going through a deep inner search to find a clear understanding of the mind, and an awareness about all its clever ways, so that we can put aside the conditioned thinking structures that are limiting us from living our lives fully and completely.

At that point, those limiting beliefs and thinking structures are no longer a barrier between us and a fulfilling existence. Doors begin to open beautifully and magically, and bliss is known. When we connect with our spiritual core, anything is possible! We have gifts to tap into and share with the world. We can shine beautifully and offer these gifts once we make that connection within ourselves, use love to heal ourselves from the inside-out, and recognize the limitless nature of our being.

“If you can expose your wounds to love and to compassion, there is no other miracle greater than that. Love heals. Soon you will not find even a trace of the wounds, and when you are healed completely, your life becomes not a burden, not a drag, but a joy and a dance.” Osho

Today is yet another opportunity to wake up from the tranquilized sleep of conditioning that prevents us from freely expressing our truest spiritual selves. Once we awaken, we can also choose to open our hearts to this radiant truth: We are eternal spiritual beings temporarily housed in physical bodies for the purpose of growth, learning, and soul expansion. Our experience shifts with this awareness! Even with warfare thundering in the hot-spots of the globe, there is still and always will be beauty and light. It is up to us to remember who we really are and tap into our personal power to make a positive difference in this world. Where is your focus? Are you focused on what’s lacking or what’s wrong with your life and the world, or are your focused on the limitless power you have to create beautiful change in yourself, your life, and the world around you? That focus will determine your life experience.

This isn’t a time for fear, even though it’s often sold as a commodity in our media and entertainment. This is a time for great spiritual awareness and celebration! Let’s allow all that is buried within us to come into the light for transformation and release. Consider this: How can you be a catalyst for transformation using your own creative genius? How can you make a difference in the world today? What can you do to express your divine nature and serve as a guiding light for a world in transition?

Wishing you a day of conscious awakening — noticing with gratitude all the beauty that surrounds you! I also wish you a day of heart- centered living that includes honoring the deepest truth of your spirit.

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