As you go through your day how much is a mindless habit to you and how much are you aware of?

Are you aware when you’re making and eating breakfast, having a shower, the journey to and from work; otherwise known as routine. So many daily activities are usually done without a second thought. Sometimes people will ask about an event that took place right in front of you and you were barely aware it happened, unable to recall any of the details.

Life is so fast paced these days and people have so many things to do that their mind can be a number of places at once; planning the evening meal, the shopping list, picking up the kids, bills to pay. Any spare time is then spent on checking out the latest news on social media. When doing this, you are very rarely in the present moment. No matter what you have planned, the only moment you ever really have is NOW.

What if you started to pay attention to what’s happening around you now?

When you bring your attention back into the moment you open yourself up to the opportunities that are here now. How many possibilities have passed you by whilst you’ve been thinking about other things?

Inspiration happens in a moment of clarity.

What if you took even just five minutes a day to stop and do or think about nothing, to just stop and enjoy the moment? To begin with this can be something as simple as taking a walk, a hot bath, reading a book, sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing. Just noticing your surroundings wherever you are and becoming aware of what is happening around you can open you up to new ideas. Whatever your situation, you can find a way to fit this in somewhere. In doing this, you are not only giving yourself this time but you are telling your unconscious mind that you are worth it and you care about you.

To look after others you must first look after yourself.

Start now; stop whatever you’re doing and just enjoy now for a moment!

Author's Bio: 

Sian believes that everyone already has the resources within them to be, do or have anything they desire. She started Potential within you to help others get rid of what holds them back and create the life they really want.

Working within the fitness industry for over 10 years, Sian was intrigued how some people achieved their goals when others didn’t and what the difference was between them. She noticed that although many women felt better about themselves when they lost weight, most were disappointed that they still had some of the same issues as before and consequently re-gained most of their weight.

Sian personally struggled for years with low self-esteem and lack of confidence which prevented her from pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. She read many self-help books and attended seminars and talks to try to find answers. Whilst she did enjoy this, she never really got any closer to being who she wanted to be. She was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®. and Hypnotherapy and intrigued, decided to book a session to see it would help her overcome her personal issues. She was surprised to find how past events had resulted in the choices that she was making and the limiting beliefs she held about herself. Sian was so amazed and inspired by her results both the instant benefit and continuous progress. She found the tools and techniques to be invaluable in everyday situations that it inspired her to become an NLP Practitioner and go on to progress to Master Practitioner.