I recently wrote that the Conscious Business operates from a place of deep wisdom that naturally gives rise to the conscious practices that generate sustainable results. It’s a paradox where the organization shifts its attention to inner resources and the seemingly external behaviors begin to naturally change. By working from the inside out, conscious business practices become an extension of who the organization and its leaders really are.

There are at least seven conscious practices that emerge as the organization makes this shift. At a high level the Conscious Business broadens its perspective, deepens its perception as its actions become more intentional. This article will look at those practices that broaden the organization’s perspective – a matter of first going deep within and then further without.

From its interior perspective, the Conscious Business presents itself authentically – bringing who it is to what it does. In turn, this deep integrity allows everyone in the organization to fully be who they really are. It’s a harmonious balance with no attempt for the organization to dominate others or for others to dominate the organization. The business has a self-awareness that allows it to move beyond its limited ego perspective to a larger, more holistic point of view.

Holistic, Systems Approach
The Conscious Business sees its interconnectedness and realizes it is part of a larger “ecosystem” – individual and distinct, yet part of a greater whole. From this perspective, it is able to see and appreciate the entire system, enabling it to act individually within the greater whole. In this way, the conscious business takes responsibility through a long-term view and respects its overall place in the world. It seeks harmony, rather than exerts control in an otherwise futile attempt to dominate its environment.

While these practices may seem theoretical and even aspirational, a familiarity with them is enough to awaken their potential in the business that is growing more conscious and aware of who and what it really is.

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