Thinking positively in everything an individual does is the most powerful tool one can have to attain conscious discipline. Using positive thinking techniques like visualization and positive affirmation guarantees a happy life. With this one is able to achieve whatever they set their mind to. Most people including business men and other professionals use these techniques to have or possess personal power and to have that competitive edge against their competitors.

In one way or another person is able to make sure they live a happy and fulfilling life. An individual is able to fill their life with passion and have a reason to wake up every day. This encourages everyday happiness as individuals wake up excited and with willingness to go out and carry out their day to day activities. Most people who practice the techniques of happy thinking develop a healthy lifestyle and are rarely sick. Individuals learn how to turn previous failures into successes.

People can also use positive affirmations for meditations to increase inner wisdom, journaling one’s life for personal insight, to assist and completing exercise programs that may be a bit challenging, encouraging individuals to have unconditional love and self acceptance, accepting forgiveness or forgiving themselves for previous mistakes that leave one blaming themselves and accepting situations one finds themselves in.

One can use positive affirmations by making up small positive statements that revolve around what one wants to achieve. These words are repeated again and again to convince one that they can achieve their goals. Positive affirmations are however more than just repeating words .this words are supposed to be taken as real beliefs in order to change thoughts. The more these thoughts are repeated the faster this is to make this a reality. Other experts say that this is a way of brainwashing as one may convince themselves totally to do things they would normally not be able to achieve.

Research has shown that about 90% of our thoughts are negative, that is why most people are struggling every single day. Adopting positive thinking will make life easier as most of what we need is right at our finger tips. Under negative affirmations people feel like they are incapable of doing anything and lack self confidence no wonder they never succeed.

Individuals are asked to sit down and think of aspects in their life that they would love to improve before they start to form their own affirmations through conscious discipline. They should then make a list of all this things and try and write a positive statement under each of these things they need to improve on. Avoid using don’ts. All affirmations should include what you want to achieve as something that you are already experiencing. Writing affirmations for yourself can be the best ways to deal with issues in your life as opposed to letting other people write them for you. This is because an individual will feel responsible for the improvements they need made. Also the only person who may know you well is you and not your family, friends, colleagues or doctor.

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