Oud wood and Oud oil gained popularity among people because of the strong and long lasting impact. It is in great demand in national and international markets. Looking through the inventory at the store for favourite Oud products takes time and that’s why people consider buying their favourite Oud products online.

The online market is flooded with finest Oud wood & Oud oil that creates pride for its acquirer. Buying online is fast and easy. Agarwood come in many forms from raw, such as chips, blocks, to finished products such as oil, incenses, and perfumes. While many people prefer plain agarwood, some go for scented versions soaked in perfume oils that emit aromas.

If you are looking for a woody scent close to incense scent has high stability and a deep aroma, then Kalimantan Oud Oil is the perfect choice. While looking for Oud wood that is good for daily use, then Kalimantan Malino Oud wood and Bormian Matchina agarwood are excellent choice. Bormian Matchina agarwood from the Machina forests in Burma is characterized by its saffron woody scent, while Kalimantan Malino Oud wood from the forests of Malin is characterized by a fragrant scent similar to the scent of distinctive seasonal fruits.

So, what are the advantages of buying Oud products online? The advantages are many.

• Online shopping is time saving
• You can check the reviews of customers or by analysing the ratings
• You can get professional products with all the details attached to it
• You can compare the prices of different products and then make your choice
• It is easy, fast and hassle free and the most convenient of all as you can select your favourite product …all from the comfort of your home

Do your research well, choosing the right Oud product takes time. Before you try, make sure to learn about the full details of the product.

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OUD BANK is a renowned, trusted manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of an unparalleled range of oud wood and oud oil. Our OUD BANK has a rich collection of all Oud types from the most rare to the most common.

OUD BANK history started with passion, founded in 1995 in The Sultanate of Oman by Sheikh Yousef Hamad Al Harthy who shares great love with Oud and he developed a deep passion for oud for its mystical, tantalizing and intoxicating, deeply complex aroma, health and therapeutic benefits and enriching ancient past deeply embedded in the history of mankind. His passion led to the creation of the brand OUD BANK which then became a trusted international supplier of oud wood and oud oil from the blessed land of Sultanate of Oman.