Buying a space heater is the most convenient option during cold weather. It is beneficial to raise the temperature instantly, delivering warmth to the residents. Being a space saver, they are a value for money product that delivers the results without acquiring significant space in your bedroom. Many of them come with standard features, whereas others come with some advanced features added with the heating functionality. So, what is the best space heater for a bedroom?

Below are the essential points that you should always consider while buying a space heater for your bedroom and enjoy the cold.

Type of Heater: There are three broad categories of heaters i.e., Radiant Convection and Fan-forces. Radiant heaters are a small-space targeted heater that heats the spot quickly. On the other hand, the convection heater heats the entire space under the reach of the heater. So, this primary difference can help you find the right choice between the two based on your need. Moreover, some heaters are also available in a wall-mount format that you can hand on the wall using brackets, saving ample space of your room.

Energy Conservation: The conservation of energy is essential to protect nature for the coming generation. If you are conscious about the wellbeing of the environment, you should check the energy efficiency of the heater. Every room heater comes with an EER rating that gives you the maximum energy saving capability. It's crucial to consider this point and use the right EER rating room heater that will help you limit your electricity bill.

Safety Traits: Safety is number one priority when you are handling any electric or heated equipment. Hence, the safety features are also a significant point that should be considered while buying the space heater. Considering safety precautions, you can omit the hazards like fire, short-circuit, electric shock, heat-burn, and more. Automatic turn-off feature, overheating warning, etc. are some features that are some of the safety features that must be considered.

dB Level: During the energy conversion, there is also a loss of energy as well as noise creation. Similarly, space heaters also create noise while serving. However, the level of noise they emit is different. Some space heaters create inaudible noise which is better to use, whereas some create annoying noise, causing irritation.

Design of Space Heater: Nowadays you will have different designs which give you a comprehensive option to choose. The space heaters can be efficiently allocated the room corner space that offers you a wide area for coverage without affecting the existing room adjustment. There are freestanding space heaters which are even portable. Furthermore, there are oil-filled radiators which are also convenient to use but takes longer to warm.

There are numerous other small factors which can be considered. However, the above-given points are essential among all. So, before you reach out to buy a space heater, make sure you consider maximum points to buy the best and most efficient space heater for your bedroom.

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