This article details on the various aspects which you must consider while choosing the right attorney for your public liability injury claim.

Encountering any sudden injury in a public place or private property due to negligence of the property owner or person at authority isn’t acceptable. Claiming for an adequate compensation is always the ideal piece of advice to recover from the losses and injuries. However, while filing a public liability injury claim, you must need to hire a specialised lawyer who is well experienced and can help you to achieve a successful resolution.

A brief on public liability law

Public liability includes a number of circumstances in which an individual gets injured due to fault or negligence of any other person/party. Organisations, businesses, or individuals always have a primary ‘duty of care’ for ensuring people’s safety in their premises or property. This includes the publicly and privately owned spaces like parks, sporting fields, footpaths, gardens, as well as any kind of commercial, retail, public, or even private property.

What are the things to consider while selecting a public liability lawyer

Relevant experience

It is important to hire a specialised lawyer who mainly deals with public liability compensation claims and not mostly handle cases on car accident claims or workers’ compensation claims. The attorney must have adequate experience to handle such claims and an in-depth understanding on public liability law.

Clients testimonials and case studies

Another important thing which, you should take into consideration is to check the testimonials or reviews of past clients. It will help you to understand how much capable the lawyer is in offering skilled legal counsel to clients in achieving the best possible outcome. You can also check through the previous case studies to get a detailed understanding of how he had handled them, what was the approach, and how long did it take to resolve the case completely. Such kinds of details will actually allow you to know about their strengths and figure out whether they will be able to handle your case efficiently.


Next, you should also try to ask for price quotes of the various lawyers you’ve considered before making the final choice. Often you consider the lawyer offering services at the cheapest rate as the best option. But you should also evaluate the quality of service offered by him as well. This is so because hiring an inefficient lawyer who is not capable of delivering promising assistance to you and charge less than his other colleagues won’t be a suitable choice indeed. This is why, always give more priority to quality of service than price and after in-depth assessment, try to choose the attorney who is capable of delivering high-end service at the most competitive service.

The bottom line

Choosing the right attorney who can help you on filing a public liability injury claim is undoubtedly a crucial move. Hence, always be sure of evaluating his professional credibility by which you can understand whether you’re making the right choice or not. After all, he will be the one responsible for presenting your case in the most efficient way such that you succeed in achieving maximum compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, loss of income, and emotional stress.

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The author is an acclaimed lawyer who has gained extensive assistance in offering skilled advice on public liability injury claims. Being highly knowledgeable, he also likes to write blogs and articles on a number of related topics as well.