The one thing to remember about cosmetic surgery is that unlike a new dress or a sport coat, you can't take it back if it doesn't fit. While rhinoplasty has been known to do wonders for some, making many look years younger, it is important to consider the results before the bandages come off. Once you have decided to get a facelift, that face is yours to own. Consider the following issues before going under the knife.

Are Your Reasons Sound?

Many people unconsciously think cosmetic surgery will somehow rescue them from a distressing circumstance or poor self esteem. They have the operation, and their face looks great, but somehow they are still unhappy. While a good rhinoplasty job can remake your appearance, it's not going to change your overall mood. If you are simply looking to get a lift, try a new wardrobe instead. It is less expensive, and you're not permanently stuck with the fashion.

Have You Weighed in Costs and Recovery?

Let's face it, plastic surgery is expensive, and it's not like you can just put out a coffee can at the local gas station and ask for donations. Since rhinoplasty is usually classified as elective surgery, most insurance companies will not cover it, so you typically have to pay for it out of pocket. Even if you realize the financial commitment, also realize that cosmetic surgery takes a considerable time commitment. It will take weeks for the surgery to heal and look good. Can you afford to miss several days, perhaps even weeks, from your job?

Can You Refrain from Being Physical for Long?

With the recovery time, you'll likely lose a lot of mobility for a while. Proper recovery from cosmetic surgery requires refraining from strenuous activity for several weeks or months. It is important to avoid any activity that raises the blood pressure, from work to running and even sex, perhaps even for several weeks. Talk to your doctor.

Are You Being Realistic?

I know some great plastic surgeons that can't possibly live up to some of their patient's expectations, not because they are not capable, but simply because their patients are not being realistic. Plastic surgery can help remove signs of aging, reduce fat in the face, and improve the size or shape of your nose, but it can't perform miracles. Talk to your doctor about honest expectations. Ask to see before and after pictures. Ultimately, rhinoplasty has its limits like everything else. All that said, if you have considered all of the options and possible repercussions, cosmetic surgery can be a worthwhile investment when done for the right reasons.

Author's Bio: 

Jordan Glassberg is a Sacramento resident, and the author of this article about plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.