When it comes to being a profitable and productive business owners need to keep in mind a number of different variables. Hiring the right staff, having employees who are motivated and happy, attracting clients and customers, keeping up with the competition and more. It can be easy with so much to juggle to miss something but one of the key things to get right is the location of your commercial space. When you are looking for commercial space for sale in Kolkata you need to get the location right. Here is a look at why this is so important.

Choosing a location away from your competitors

Why open a butcher’s shop close to a large supermarket? It is not going to do as well as it could because the prices are cheaper at the supermarket and people enjoy the convenience of shopping for everything in one place. When you are looking at commercial shops for sale in Kolkata consider what the businesses are around you. You want to be in an area that gets good traffic but is not too close to a competitor who is well-established already. People will stay loyal to the people they know and your business will not do as well. Talk to different property developers as they often have a large portfolio of different locations so you can research each of them and choose the best one for your business. Knowing where your competitors are based in each location is an important part of that research.

Where you are affects how many people visit you

A big concern with location is that it directly impacts who comes in as clients or customers and how much traffic you might see. When you look for commercial space for sale in Kolkata think about the traffic and what people are there to do. No, you do not want to be next door to a competitor but you might want to be with similar businesses so people get their children’s clothes and then stop at your shop for their own. Getting into a retail park is a great way to get a lot more passing traffic that you can pull into the shop with various marketing methods. Choosing a location that is lacking in other businesses and out of the way is not the best option.

Your location makes a big difference to your employee's happiness

The location of your business is also vitally important with regards to your workers. Is it somewhere easy to get to so they are on time every day? Is there parking, and public transportation close by? Is it a space that is comfortable, safe and uplifting to work in? Is it visually interesting and vibrant? When your employees are happy, motivated, and able to get to work easily, they are more productive, less likely to take time off and more likely to stay loyal.


When looking at commercial shops for sale in Kolkata the location is one of the most important factors to consider!

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