"The Path of Light requires consistency to allow the Soul to be free, to allow the Soul to fly to great heights.
Consistency creates the discipline that is indispensable in the Path of Light to achieve your objectives and to always remain at the center of the Path.
You will discover how consistency will always require this discipline but you will not feel it, you will only feel the joy of walking in the Light, in Love.
Day after day, you can discover and verify consistency in all your expressions.
You will feel that it requires your strength and determination.
You will feel that the energy of consistency will bring you spontaneously to the most total and profound respect for yourself, for everyone, for everything, for the values in which you believe.
This spontaneous respect arises when you live in Love, when you express yourself in your totality with Love, with sweetness.
The energy of consistency leads to a great linearity, which facilitates the Way and avoids wasting of time, uncertainties, doubts, etc.
Observe the children: they are spontaneously consistent because this is a natural energy, they are consistent in the expression of their feelings, their emotions.
That's why they then fall asleep peacefully in Our arms.
The resolution that consistency creates will not prevent you from being sweet, sweetness will not prevent you from being consistent, linear, resolute.
Consistency will help you to always bring the truth.
Expressing the truth requires awareness of how and when it must be brought.
Whenever you wish to bring clarity, truth, feel that it is necessary to give them even if they can create upset.
Be aware that clarity and truth can often create 'reactions', 'consequences' that you do not want.
This is why the truth must be brought with awareness, with determination, with clarity, but it must always be accompanied by sweetness, by the desire to give, to help, to love.
Express with resolution the truth you feel in your heart, the clarity that you feel indispensable, enveloping them with Light and Love.
Let your Soul mould the resolution and clarity with which you want to bring your truth and express it with the serenity of the heart.
Thus when you want to express your truth and clarity, fuse them with lovingness, with sweetness, with serenity.
Resolution and clarity that bring the truth must always be accompanied by calmness, quietness, peace, by a pure heart.
Only a pure heart that contains Light, Love, can express truth, resolution and clarity.
If the truth is not brought with all of this, merged in all of this, accompanied by all of this, it will not be accepted and it will only create intense reactions.
The truth that is not brought into all of this, merged in all of this, accompanied by all of this will not bring the seeds that in the Light and in Love will be able to sprout and flourish in this or in other lives in the hearts that receive the truth and clarity.
Thus, before bringing the truth, before giving clarity, make sure that in your heart there is only Light and Love and nothing more.
Then ask Us to accompany you and We will help you express everything with Light, in Love, to turn everything into a gift for the Souls.
After having given truth, donated clarity, stay calm and detached from the reactions and consequences that may arise, even when they seem to have been accepted.
Just be happy because truth and clarity are only gifts that help, they are only seeds that can later sprout."

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.