Consistency in your marketing and consistency in your business equals huge success. You want to always be top-of-mind.

Always be dripping on your clients with information, with marketing, with what’s next. What’s the next thing that you would like for your clients to do?

If you’re consistently there and your clients and prospects know you’re there, and for example, that your ezine is coming every Thursday morning at ten o’clock and they are watching for it, that’s consistency. If you get an email from someone that says, “Hey, it’s 10:15am on a Thursday and I don’t have your ezine. Is everything okay?” You are doing something right.

Consistency goes a long way in building your marketing and building the success of your business. It makes you dependable. People know they can depend on you. They know you’re going to be there. People know who you are and what you represent because you’re consistently there.

You’re consistently talking about the same things. You’re consistently giving them great content, tips that work and tips they can put to good use. When you’re consistent and you become dependable, you develop long term relationships. You become that reliable, authentic person people want to be around and do business with.

Consistency. It doesn’t mean you have to put an ezine out once a week if that’s too much for you right now. If you’re going to do it once a month, then do it once a month. Do it on the 15th of every month, and make sure you do it every single month. If you’re the person they go to, to talk about massage therapy, then be the massage therapist. Sixty days from now don’t be the hairstylist. That seems like an extreme example, but you’ve seen those people. They’re the eBook person and they’re selling eBooks on a particular topic, for example, dog grooming. Thirty days later you look them up and this person is now a weight loss expert or a health and fitness expert. How do you go from dogs to health and weight loss? Be consistent.

Stay consistent. Be dependable. Watch your business grow and skyrocket as you become the go-to source. People will begin to know you as the consistent, dependable person that they can come to for whatever it is that you do. That’s true success in your business and that’s when things just get easier and easier and you make more money and have more fun in your business as well.

Author's Bio: 

Diane Conklin is an internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and copywriter. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing small business owners how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and methods, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars.

As a marketing and business strategist, Diane shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to outperform their competition by measuring their marketing, and strategically use multi-media campaigns to stand alone in their marketplace as the go-to provider for their products and services.

She is the founder of Complete Marketing Systems and for more than 14 years has been showing small business owners how to start, build and grow businesses where they take knowledge they already possess and turn it into passive, ongoing, leveraged profits.

Diane has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 in sales several times in her career.

Diane has proprietary home study systems, coaching programs, masterminds, and provides done-for-you services in the areas of Social Media, Information Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Direct Mail, and Event Marketing, Planning and Management.

As a speaker, Diane has shared the stage with the likes of Joan Rivers, George Foreman, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Harry Dent, Barbara Corcoran, James Malinchak, Peggy McColl, Marie Forleo and many others.

Diane was voted Marketer of the Year for her innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.