Creating content for distribution on the internet is a wonderful way to advertise a business or build credibility…or both! The key to making this particular online marketing strategy work is consistency. When using content in this manner the best results occur when you maintain a steady flow of it into distribution channels that offer the greatest exposure.

So how do you find and/or produce all the information you need to make this strategy work effectively?

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can easily produce the needed information to maintain your content distribution efforts.

Use What You Already Have

Look around on your hard drive for ezines, newsletters or ebooks you may have accumulated. These publications are stocked with useful information that can be put to work for you. Simply brief through the chapters and pull together what you learn into a format that makes sense and is relevant to what you are promoting. Using content like this is a great way for you to also 'freshen' up on certain subjects.

Another location you will find tons of useful information is in your head. Write about what you already know and add a little insight to juice up the content.

Easy Does It!

Do not overload the reader or overtax yourself by jamming too much information into one piece of content. Give the reader a comfortable amount of useful information that can be read and understood in a short period of time.

Remember you are not writing a book or offering a complete course here. The information you offer does NOT have to be comprehensive just helpful.

Build off Current Events

Use current news or events to draw parallels or create comparisons to the subject you are focusing on or promoting. Since this news is current it likely has established a following so take advantage of the attention it has already stirred up and use it for your own purposes.

Perfectionist You Are Not

Don't get caught up trying to 'perfect' everything you publish because it will frustrate you and dramatically decrease your output. Focus on delivering 'snippets' of solid content and do not get too hung up trying to create a literary masterpiece.

If you fear you may have left something 'out' use that information to base your next piece of content on and be proud that your are so damn resourceful.

Maintain Quality

Cardinal Rule #1! Always remember that whatever you decide to circulate around online has your name on it so make sure it maintains a certain level of quality. This is what will make people look for more and ultimately help build your credibility.

Creating content for promotional purposes on the internet offer benefits to both the individual and the business. For these reasons using content like this can be a very effective and efficient online marketing strategy. The 'chore' if you want to refer to it as that is maintaining a consistent flow of useful information that can be used for this strategy. The 5 ways we reviewed here today will enable you to consistently 'produce' the information needed to keep your content distribution channels overflowing. In doing so your business will enjoy greater exposure as you benefit from a growing credibility within the online community.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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