Constant Butterflies in Stomach for No Reason: Constant Nervous Feeling in Stomach

Controlling a panic attack is not something that is easy to do. In fact, this is something that a lot of people seem to struggle with long before they even know that they have panic attacks. The good news is that there are some tips and tricks that you can use to help you control panic attacks. Controlling panic attacks is something that you want to be able to do, because it can stop you from having a full blown panic attack. So keep reading...

Method #1 - First of all, do not fight it! This is the biggest problem that people have. A lot of times, when people feel the onset of a panic attack, they feel the need to try and control it right away and fight it off. However, this is the worst thing that you can do. The more that you try and fight your panic attack, the more likely you are actually going to have a panic attack. That is because as you try to fight it off, you get more panicky that you are not going to be able to fight it off. So the first thing that you have to do is learn not to try to fight them off. Let things happen naturally.

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Method #2 - The second tip is to tell yourself you are alright. Now, this may sound silly, but there is something that is reassuring to the mind when it hears you say to yourself that you are fine. This does not mean that you have to say it out loud and feel silly. It just means that you need to tell yourself, in your mind, that you are fine, that nothing is going on, and there is nothing to panic about. Half of the time, this will control the panic attack right away without having to do anything else.

Method #3 - The third step is all about breathing. When people start to panic, they do not breathe right, and thus, their heart rate starts going out of control. When you feel a panic attack coming, you need to learn to control your breathing. This can help you to control panic attacks. Although this seems like it would be one of the easiest steps to follow, it is not. That is because people forget to breathe, and it's the first thing that starts to get out of hand. As soon as you stop breathing right, the panic attack starts coming in full force.

Method #4 - The fourth step would be to relax. Take a second to regroup and relax your muscles. You will notice that when you are having a panic attack, a lot of your muscles will start to lock up with panic. This makes it hard to move, and not only that, but it does not help your already out of control panic attack. So take just a second to yourself to relax and clear your mind. Keep breathing right and telling yourself that everything is going to be just fine.

Method #5 - The fifth step is to remember that there is no set cause for panic attacks. No one knows for sure what causes the body to react in this way. So the next tip is to look at some things in your life that could have triggered this panic attack. Find out what your body is really stressed out about. You may find out that it has nothing to do with the situation that you are in.

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For many years one of the biggest problems some people face is nervousness and anxiety. To the onlooker, who only experiences mild nervousness every now and then, it doesn't seem like much of a problem. However, to the person fighting extreme nervousness, complete with attacks of anxiety and/or panic, it seems like an insurmountable problem!

Though many think anxiety is some new manifestation that has come on the scene in recent years; this is not true. Anxiety has been around forever. It doesn't have a favorite era, nor does it prefer one gender to another or one particular age group.

Anxiety pulls people into a maze of bewilderment. It plays tricks on their minds and bodies. Worst of all, the harder we fight to break free of its grip, the more we are drawn under its control and the more our lives become disorganized by it.

Those effected by anxiety, only care about becoming free of it and living the life they once knew, where they controlled their fear instead of having fear controlling them.

In this article, we will discuss the three preliminary steps to becoming anxiety free. When you are through reading it, you will be familiar with the essential ingredients necessary to overcoming anxiety. As this knowledge seeps in, you will start to gain control over the illness of anxiety. This doesn't mean a short article can be a cure all, but don't think it cannot be very helpful.

First... Understand how anxiety works.

Anxiety works through adrenal glands in your body. If you are just a little nervous or very nervous, or if you are experiencing a full-fledged panic attack, it is adrenaline causing the feelings you are experiencing. It is as simple as that. What is causing your glands to secret the adrenaline is another story, but it is insignificant as far as overcoming anxiety is concerned.

Knowing there is nothing more than adrenaline causing the horrible manifestations of anxiety is helpful because adrenaline secretion is a normal function of the human body. When we are in an anxious state we are just secreting too much of it, that's all.

Adrenaline is a response to fight or flight. So, when we are fighting or running away we are secreting adrenaline. This is important to know because if we are afraid of the feelings adrenaline brings us, we will become more anxious to fight it or run away from it. So, what is the antidote to this extra anxiety we bring on by fearing adrenaline's wrath?

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Second... Facing anxiety is a necessary step towards overcoming it.

When we become nervous for any reason and then we try to run away from or fight the feelings it has brought us, we become more anxious. Maybe, we will even promote panic attacks.

By the same token, if we are not currently experiencing anxiety but we are afraid we will, we might just bring on anxiety. The trick is to take whatever anxiety gives us and let it be. Well this may seem easier said than done, with practice we can master the art of accepting anxiety without adding any more anxiety to it.

Once we do master passively living with anxiety, the anxiety attacks we experience will become weaker and weaker until one day, they will disappear. What do we do in the meantime?

Three... Don't hide your anxiety while you are recovering.

This is just part of being yourself. Pretending your life is not being affected by anxiety is running away and of course, running away brings on adrenaline.

There is no sin to being anxious or suffering panic attacks. Suffering the effects of adrenaline just means you are under the weather. You don't mind telling people you have a cold. There is no difference if you are ill with anxiety.

In closing, don't put a lot of pressure on yourself. You will get better on your own timeline. Don't race. Just digest what has been said in this article and you have started on the road to recovery.

By the way, I know these things because I have been through it all with anxiety and panic attacks. I no longer experience these things. I am cured of nervous illness and you will be, too.

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If you're living with severe panic and anxiety, and you'd like to know exactly what you can do the next time you need to stop an anxiety attack, I've put together a quick 3 step plan that you can use.

These ideas are basic, and yet they are sadly overlooked by many people who are experiencing panic and anxiety attacks. The ideas that follow really do work, so I hope you'll give them a shot when and if you need them.

1. When you feel an anxiety attack approaching, do something physical if your situation permits it. Take the trash out, vacuum the carpet, or even walk up and down the stairs a couple of times.

Getting active like this achieves two things - first, it distracts you from the way you're feeling, and two, it gets your heart, lungs, muscles and your mind working slightly harder -all of which can decrease anxiety and prevent a full-blown attack.

2. If your anxiety attack happens, despite your best efforts, make use of all sensory distractions. The worst attacks are so bad because your mind becomes transfixed on the sensations and the thoughts linked to the attack. Sensory distractions deprive the attack of its fuel and will make it go away much faster.

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Great sensory distractions are turning on the TV with the volume higher than normal, turning on some music (often, unfamiliar music is effective), and believe it or not, even eating something very bitter. Anything that requires your senses to process some information will help ease an attack.

3. When you have an attack, do something immediately afterwards. Anything. The important thing is, once it's over and you're free to do something else, do something else.

The longer you leave it to get back on your feet, the longer it will take for the effects of the attack to disappear. I've also found that some attacks can cause further attacks, almost like earthquake aftershocks. The chances of these happening are greatly reduced if you get busy with something else as soon as you can.

These 3 tips are powerful. They will help you stop an anxiety attack from happening, or they will make it stop much faster if it happens, and they will reduce the chances of further "aftershock" attacks occurring. Start using these tips today, anytime you need them.

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Accepting Setbacks

It's important to understand that each one of us overcomes anxiety disorders at their own speed. When you experience a certain setback, whether it's recurring fearful and scary thoughts, panic attacks or anything else related to anxiety, the thought process that you should have is that your anxiety is doing all it can to stand it's own ground because it is confused about this thought process and action that you are taking at that moment. If I tried snowboarding for example at this point in my life, I would be absolutely terrible at it, and it is at this point where I can go in two separate directions, I can either quit because I'm not achieving the desired result I'm looking for or I can persevere and in time my new found hobby of skateboarding can become easy, natural and effortless. Understand that 2 steps forward and one step back is still progression in the direction you want to go, setbacks are normal and should be accepted before re-conditioning your mind and lifestyle habits and taking your life back. But let's look at a few examples of how long it took myself to overcome debilitating anxiety, as well as a few examples of setbacks that may occur in your recovery from an anxiety disorder.

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A Dream Came True

After suffering from debilitating anxiety and panic for 6 years, it took me roughly 9 months to completely stop my panic attacks, re-condition new meanings to what I feared, and stop my habit of over-worrying that just fed my cycle of anxiety. 9 months was a hell of a short time, compared to 6 years of suffering. My potential was fully realized after those 9 months in the form of reaching a dream I always had, becoming a professional tennis player.

More Example Of Setbacks

A certain person, place or thing that still causes a trigger for your panic attacks
overwhelming thoughts of 'what if' still present almost like your shadow

New symptoms of anxiety appearing

Accept them, all of them. Let them be present, let them eat away at your mind and body knowing in the back of your mind that you're headed in the right direction and it can't hurt you. Remind yourself of step 4 Building On The Facts and go about your day looking at your anxiety as a little child starving for your attention, but you won't have any of it.

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