Most people think themselves into depression. Seriously, thinking is all well and good… but we think way too much in this day and age. Our mind can’t handle thinking all the time. Here are three simple ways to keep thinking from taking over your life. I use these three simple ways all the time.

Knowledge Doubles Every Two Days

In the old days if you were digging a ditch you didn’t think much… you were busy doing. But now it’s normal to think about everything all day long. And now we have so much to think about it’s overwhelming. Every 2 days we double the knowledge we have on this planet. And that means we have way too much knowledge to think about… and that doesn’t make us happy at all… our brains become overwhelmed.

Driving Us Crazy

Believe me, knowledge is all well and good. But too much thinking will literally drive a person crazy. And most of that thinking slowly starts to become negative thinking.

What Can We Do?

Most of what we think about is none sense stuff… that we don’t even need to think about. So instead of driving ourselves crazy, it’s better to silently chant, meditate, or silently in our mind say the name of God, or silently say a mantra.

These Three Things Calm the Mind

All three of these things including chanting, meditating, and saying a mantra or name of God calms the mind… bringing about peace and tranquility.

Here is What I Do

Whenever I go walking I and saying a mantra or saying the name of God. I walk 7 miles a day and that adds up to be a lot of time. So all that time is spent doing something calms the mind instead of agitating the mind.

You are Not Giving Up Thinking in General — Just Giving it a Rest

But if you need to think about something… then go ahead and think… but when you are not busy and have idle thoughts running through your head… silently chanting, or saying the name of God, or doing a mantra will help… or sitting and do some meditation is also great.

You will be astounded how much more peaceful you will feel when you start doing this every single day.

It Really Works!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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