More or less everybody knows by now that high fibers are good for your intestines. Many people, however, do not like high fiber content food. Why this? They have to chew them longer.
A little secret: if you chew your food really for good, your constipation could already be defeated. In fact, once food is reduced to chime,
it is half-way digested. High fiber not only is important for a smooth digestion, but it is important.. to reduce the risk of heart disease, of diabetes and to maintain good sugar values in the blood. I think these pieces of information make it important enough to switch to high fiber food! Here we are going to talk just about these foods.
First things first. Women should intake daily between 21 and 25 grams of fibers, men need a bit more. Their intake should range between 30 and 38 grams.
Fortunately there is lot of food stuff that contains a good amount of fibers. Eat an apple or a pear with the skin. Do the same with a baked potato. The skin gives you fibers and also vitamins. All grains have high fiber content and most of them are very tasty.
Apart from grains and seeds, all vegetables give you good amounts of fibers. Some of them have more, others have less, but all of them help your digestive tract to do its work. All fruits also give you fibers. If you can eat them with the skin, the content in fibers is even higher.
Don't forget to switch to rye bread or multigrain bread. They give you double the fibers and vitamins if compared to the usual plain white bread.
Carbs, like rice or pasta give you also good amounts of fibers. Then all kinds of beans, especially cooked ones, give you high amounts of fibers. Black beans for example contain 13.9 gram in a serving. Lentils, especially red ones, are another good source of fibers.
Among fruits, the most fiber can be found in raspberries with 6.4 and strawberries with 4.4 grams in a normal serving. Dried fruit, where applicable contains more fibers than fresh fruit, like peaches, apricots. It is also good to add nuts, especially cashews.
There exist different forms of fibers. Some are water soluble and others are not. Both have their importance as far as digestion is concerned. Some of them will be digested by your system, others will not, but these are important for the volume and the help they give your intestines. I guess you got it: more fibers means less constipation or none at all!

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I am a Swiss female, translator, teacher, coach and aim at helping people overcome anxiety and general health related problems. Author of the ebook Anxiety Goodbye, and NEW print bock: Kiss Anxiety Goodbye