What's the partnership between constipation and prostatitis? Well, in case you don't have prostatitis, chronic constipation may be a risk correctly. If you do have prostatitis, chronic constipation will definitely aggravate it.

From the vista of anatomy, prostate and rectum are closely adjacent inside the pelvic cavity. There is just a thin rectum anterior wall between them.

The function of the rectum is to store feces and absorb extra moisture within the feces.

When the volume of feces reaches some level, inner rectum pressure rises and the ones will defecate intentionally. Feces contain a large number of harmful bacteria and metabolic toxins. So it’s essential to take care of normal defecation.

Chronic constipation lengthened feces retention in rectum, accumulated toxins is much more likely to end up reabsorbed by rectum and bacteria is simpler to invade the body.

Although there is an envelope surround the prostate that may stop the invasion of bacteria and toxins from surrounding tissues.

But modern anatomical studies have found out that you'll find 2-6 generative and genital veins relating to the rectum and the prostate, bacteria and toxin from rectum may enter the prostate through these genital veins, resulting in the redness of prostatitis.

Especially when constipation brings about excessive rectal pressure and accumulation of bacteria and toxins, it is a bit more likely to lead to or aggravate prostatitis.

As above, medicine of chronic constipation will help prevent prostatitis from happening or getting aggravation. There are many tips can guide you to alleviate constipation, like having more exercise, taking some probiotic supplements as yogurt, high-fiber diet plus more water.

But it doesn't mean your prostatitis is going to be cured if you get rid of constipation. Prostatitis is really a normal and stubborn reproductive and urinary disease. If you are experienced prostatitis, don't neglected.

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