Clean rooms are equipments that are used to control the level of contamination or the amount of particles per cubic meter at a particular size of the particle. These equipments are basically disinfected and are germ free where factors such as temperature, pressure and humidity are maintained and regulated that creates an ideal environment for the processes.

There are some aspects of medicine, industry and scientific research where an environment that is free from germs or any outside pollutants or substances is needed. Therefore, these clean room equipments completely eliminate any chances of contamination and in a way ensure that the product is dust free.

Everything inside clean room equipment is sterilized or is made dust free. Moreover, the materials and tools that are used for cleaning inside these equipments are even kept sterilized. For instance, in an ICU hospital ward, where all instruments and tools are kept sterilized. Entry is restricted for any one inside these rooms, who are not a part of the surgery or the medical procedure.

Modular clean rooms may use a HEPA or ULPA filter to create a unidirectional flow of air that forces the movement of pre-existing contaminated air through the filters and prevents the inflow of more contaminated air. These equipments are extremely portable and flexible in terms of size addition and have low noise and vibration levels that even make them versatile in terms of its usage. These equipments are also incorporated with optimal wattage of ultra violet rays to take care of sterilization, which ensures cleanliness before the beginning of the actual process.

Moreover, these modular clean rooms are easy to assemble and can be moved easily. The clean lines of the prefabricated design hold a visual appeal which is in tune with the overall look of the equipment. The light area of the equipment is covered with clear, anodized, aluminum panels that further provide a clean look.

There are drop ceilings that are extremely easy to use and it rests below the light area when the equipment is operational and it can be pulled down after use to make sure that the working area is clean and free from any dust. The walls of these clean rooms are strongly constructed in order to withstand internal high pressures.

There are several materials that are used for wall panels which include clear transparent, clear ESD or yellow acrylic, polycarbonate and white painted aluminum. These modular clean rooms are available in a class range from 1, 00,000 to 10 with class 10 which provides the most sterile environment.

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