Technology has improved the construction industry in a wide range of areas, and now is the time to take advantage of advanced software to save your company money on all types of projects. Whether you need to lower how much you spend on materials and equipment or reduce the amount of mistakes made when executing a design, software can help you improve operations in a variety of ways.


Project Planning and Execution with BIM


Broken links between the planning and execution phases of a project are a huge source of expanding costs on most projects. Software can help solve this problem by creating a single master design for everyone to work from at all times. This prevents contradictory information from being implemented by designers and gives construction managers a single reference point during execution.


This type of software is known as Building Information Modelling (BIM). According to Tech Native, BIM remains one of the most important trends in the construction industry. A vast majority of industry stakeholders believe the BIM is vital when it comes to better construction design insight and implementation.


Materials and Equipment Inventory


Prevent expensive mistakes like over purchasing materials or forgetting to lease maintain equipment by keeping detailed track of all your project assets with software. State-of-the-art inventory software will make it simple and intuitive to perform a variety of tasks, including:



  • Tracking optimal levels of materials


  • Automatically making purchase orders for materials


  • Quickly tracking the location of items


  • Analyzing the depreciation of equipment


  • Scheduling regular maintenance for equipment



Good inventory software will also work across multiple work sites so that you can make sure each project gets what they need without costly redundancies or missing pieces.


Enhanced Communications


Software that provides voice and video communications can be invaluable to your projects. When a problem comes up with the execution of a plan on the job site, project managers, designers, and other people that work in the office can take a look at what's going on at the construction site visually with software that works on computers, tablets, and phones. This saves both the office person and the construction crew time and your company money. There are a wide range of communication solutions available, so find one that works with your existing hardware.


Project Estimates


Disparities between the estimate you give a client and the actual cost of a project can reduce your company's profit in many circumstances. Construction estimate software can help you solve this problem simply and quickly by taking existing data about your projects to produce algorithms that create highly accurate predictions about future costs. Construction estimate software can combine this information with data about bids on similar projects to give you an estimate that is likely to win the client and generate the most profit.


Software complements the construction industry really well for a variety of reasons, but one important reason is that professionals in software development face many of the same challenges as those in construction. According to one software company executive, software and construction share a rigorous planning process, team management issues, and quality control challenges. That's why the software they create is able to help the construction industry in so many areas.


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