An increase in site visit if it is accompanied by an appropriate conversion rate could lead to an increase in sales! So be sure to consider increasing your site traffic and improving your conversion rates.

I've written about the conversion rate and how to increase it, which I recommend reading: Conversion Rate or CRO

But in this article, I would like to teach you how to increase site visits and share five fully functional and practical solutions with you step-by-step.

All these solutions are for the web space of Iran and be sure you can attract traffic. So do not miss this article!

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  • 1. Increase Site Visibility with Long Content and Skyscraper Publishing
  • 2. Increase website traffic by editing old content
  • 3. Increase site visit by re-publishing old content
  • 4. Increase site traffic with the help of Infowellers
  • 5. Increase site traffic by improving CTR
  1. Increase Site Visibility with Long Content and Skyscraper Publishing

According to research conducted jointly by BuzzSumo and Moz , content containing more than 1,000 words, or skyscrapers , has more sharing rates and links:

As you can see, if your content reaches over 3,000 words, it has more than 208% more sharing rates, though not in Iran!

Although, unfortunately, in Iran, the culture of sharing content and content in the form that prevails outside of Iran is not available, but it must also be said that content of more than 1000 words has a great deal of impact in several ways:

  • The most important thing is that Google loves such content very much.
  • This content is usually very complete and can respond well to all user needs.
  • If people want to link to content, they will link to such content because it has more quality.
  • When writing such content, you can use more keywords.

So, it's true that the Yoast SEO plugin recommends you write at least 300 words of content, but I advise you to keep the minimum length of your content to 1000 or even 1500 words. In fact, you do not have to have 4 or 5 thousand articles inside your site, with 40 50 quality and long articles, you can get 1 Google rank in many keywords and can get targeted web traffic so easy! An example of this can be found on Brian Dean's website, with just 40 articles, ranked No. 1 in bold words in the SEO community.

I also took this kind of webmaster in Gray, and I write at least 1000 words about the smallest topics. But you should know that the average length of webmaster content in gray is 2,000 words. Of course, I recently launched a training reference section that has at least 10 to 15,000 words per referrer!

  1. Increase website traffic by editing old content

We all know that content production is very important, and the need to increase site traffic is to have good content. But something that many people overlooked is editing old content!

Editing and updating an old content to produce a new content has a lot more power in increasing website traffic!

Let me prove this to you with a statistic from the Webmaster Gray website:

Impact of editing and re-publishing old content on increasing site entrance from Google

This is the statistics of the "Best Instagram Robot"  . This article was about 2 months old and was not edited. So, I tried to edit it again.

As you can see in the photo above, on June 27th, this article was updated, and you see that the entry of this article has increased from 125% to Google!

And be assured that producing no content cannot create such a growth rate for you in the first week, because at least for a few days, Google needs to index, and then you have to wait for rankings to be made ... But editing the content ...!!

The question that arises here is exactly how to edit the old content, and what is the right method?

I talked about this in the episode 1 of digital targeted email marketing, but now I want to talk about this entirely. So be sure to read the rest of the article ...

Principles and guidelines for content editing

Before we review content editing solutions, we need to see why content editing has such a value for Google and so quickly increases the number of hits?

In the Comprehensive SEO Tutorial (currently in compilation!), We talked fully about what the goal of Google was. Google's goal is to show the best result to the user and attract his satisfaction.

Consequently, content that is outdated and outdated is unlikely to be appealing to an audience, but if one content is updated regularly and monthly? Google understands this issue and identifies this content as an evergreen content. Google loves such content because it will be valuable to the user at any time.

So, by updating and constantly editing your content, Google loves your website and in return, Google will help increase your site traffic and send you more input.

Now I want to share some of the ways to edit content:

- Add to the length of the content

One of the easiest ways to show Google is to update our content is to increase the length of the content! Want to reach your targeted demographic while they are out and about this summer?  traffic comes from mobile devices, both iOS and Android.  To buy mobile traffic, simply select the amount of traffic you want including geography (by country) and one category that best fits your business/topic and we will start sending traffic your way. 


Note that in the attached text, be sure to observe the general format of the content and talk in the same tone and language and do not overlook the introduction of keywords and LSIs.

Note that this method does not have much effect on increasing targeted website traffic but will be added to the effect later in the future.

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I hope I have answered your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.