If you are a small business owner, you need to know when to look for a reputable bankruptcy attorney. Small businesses can fail for myriad reasons, and some of these may be beyond your control. The hard truth is that not all enterprises are going to survive and succeed; even the long-standing businesses may hit hard times.

Filing for bankruptcy is an option when your debt-ridden business fails; however, it is not always the right decision for a company. There can be different types of bankruptcy cases and each has its pros and cons. So, it becomes important to choose a reputed small business bankruptcy MD attorney before you actually file for bankruptcy.

When should you look for a bankruptcy lawyer?

Ideally, small business owners must start searching for a bankruptcy lawyer when their personal assets are threatened. When you have limited liabilities and face financial trouble, you can simply shut down operations.

It is advisable for new startup owners to organize their business as a limited-liability organization in order to safeguard their assets. However, even if you have this structure, your assets could still be at risk if the business has not been run properly. A reason for this maybe when you have not kept your business and personal finances separate. Another significant reason is that creditors and banks are usually not keen to fund limited liability entities. Creditors know that recovering money from such small businesses becomes very hard in such cases. This is why owners must put their personal assets as guarantee to get approvals for funds.

The relief bankruptcy can offer small businesses is going to depend on the kind of case that has been filed; whether it is under Chapter 11 or 13. Under these chapters, small businesses may be able to stay open, and provide small payments every month to creditors. When the business lacks the cash flow to continue with these payments it can use Chapter 7 for closing in a transparent manner.

How beneficial is it to consult a bankruptcy lawyer early?

You need to correctly time bankruptcy filing to get the best possible outcome. This means you need to get a reliable bankruptcy attorney early to get the best protection. Creditor calls are bound to increase when you stop paying bills. With time, these creditors resort to harsh collection techniques. So, if you can consult a lawyer beforehand and file for bankruptcy early, you can save both money and property.

•When creditors sue you, a bankruptcy case filing will stop this litigation immediately. You should file before the creditor gets a judgment against you.

•Timely filing will also prevent wage garnishment. When creditors get judgment before case filing, your money may be deducted by check. So, you get to save money by eliminating debts before this happens.

•Case filing can also delay foreclosure and you will get some more time to spend at home, albeit short-lived.

While you are not forced to hire a bankruptcy attorney for your business, it is better to do so. A good attorney can help you handle the stress and complete all the paperwork needed in record time.

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