The post globalization phase witnessed an ever expanding market trend, with businesses soaring high on their ambitions. The beginning was marked by consolidating loyalty through extending best services and adhering to best practices. The resources employed to deliver goods and services were at their finest, yielding quality products. With passing time, the open market turned competitive, ultimately directing every deal towards deriving maximum profits.

This blinded the standard perspective of creating to the best of ability, and highlighted revenue or turnover to be the prime objective. Quality kept deteriorating, whereas prices increased as per the inflationary demeanor of the market. Consumers, who turned victims of negligence by businesses, tried finding a vent to express their grievances. There was an evolution of a new wing of the judiciary in the form of consumer courts. Although a progressive step, owing to the unending hearings and convoluted paperwork, often people are reluctant to approach the jury.

The digital revolution across the world designed an easy way ahead- company review by customers hosted by online review portals. If you encounter a problem in relation to rude staff, faulty product , no service, billing issues, incorrect information, contract frustration or no follow up, the site is exclusively dedicated to serve your cause.

These websites not only aim at providing an unbiased platform to express their grievance, but also perform the social responsibility of disseminating awareness.

These portals allow anyone and everyone to register and use similar credentials to post multiple complaints. There is an option to join and extend support to particular forums under different categories that often strengthens a particular case, compelling the offender to respond. This attribute undoubtedly speaks about a democratic essence that these sites boast of.

Being neutral in their stance, review sites do not endorse, maintaining credibility of the platform and its content. This serves in giving ample space to the plaintiff and offender for mutual settlement of dispute or working out compensation.

Hosting unbiased and transparent company review by customers , these websites are instrumental in making a difference to the negligent and reluctant businesses across the globe. Invariably, this trend will bring about a change in the careless attitude of entrepreneurs, who, for saving their brand image will walk that extra mile to revert with the best.

Thus, it is evident that these websites are increasingly replacing the need for filing litigations in the hope of compensation and justice. There still remains a greater scope for these websites to better their effectiveness by improvising their functionality in days to come.

Author's Bio: 

Being part of the jury in a consumer court since the past two decades Mr. Sarbasis Mondal speaks in favor of review websites as an effective replacement to judicial proceedings in courts.