So, you've heard about Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Energy Spirituality. (Specific examples might be Reiki, E.F.T., and Cutting Cords of Attachment.) Where is the best place to start?

Once you've started, how can you tell when to try something else?

Today's article was requested by Blog-Buddy Peter at "Deeper Perception Made Practical":

"I'm learning about Energy Psychology right now and it seems a very promising field.

"I first got Donna Eden's book about Energy Medicine, and then I got also interested in Donna's husband, Dr. Feinstein, and I thought he just *has* to be someone who has something insightful to say. :)

"Rose, maybe you could write a blog post about the different forms of energy healing methods and *when* to use these different forms. Or is it merely about what method one is personally drawn to, as they all can have their benefits?"

Okay, I'm going to be candid in this article, which means it may be one of our most controversial posts. I'm assuming you'all are big boys and girls with your own self-authority, so you will decide for yourself what your truth is.

* A few disclaimers right off the bat:

I am a HUGE fan of Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Nearly besotted. Definitely not impartial.

I have studied, to some degree (often quite a lot), most of the approaches in this article.

My 40 years as a professional in mind-body-spirit form part of my perspective. Also included are what I've learned from thousands of clients, friends, and family members, plus my personal growth as a client.

Obviously I have a vested interest in the systems I use professionally, teach, and write books about. I know them best.

Being a smart consumer -- that's something I'm passionate about. So this article is intended to help you do something that is, sadly, quite rare in the mind-body-spirit community at this time.

* Where NOT to begin with Energy Healing

If you're interested in mind-body-spirit techniques, do NOT start with what's in your neighborhood, what seems popular, who has written bestsellers. Your consciousness may be very advanced compared with what is popular. The very most popular books and teachings appeal to total beginners, such as people who are just considering experimenting (secretly) outside the Fundamentalist teachings with which they were raised.

Think of techniques and practitioners like a pyramid shape. The beginners are at the base. More focused, effective teachings are higher up.

It gets trickier. You could think you're a "beginner" but have a naturally higher level of consciousness than beginners. Whether or not you believe totally in past lives, your own observations of life will show you that some of the people you know are more evolved spiritually than others, display more love or light or power or common sense or live at a different stage of moral development. Well, that matters a lot for appreciating techniques of Energy Healing.

When "Birds of a feather flock together," that doesn't necessarily mean that you have the same level of consciousness as your current peer group of buddies. You could be hanging with people from work or old friends from bowling league. You could be the shining star, evolutionarily, of your entire family. None of these people is likely to praise you for this, or even notice. But because of your standing energetically, you might need something quite different from beginner-level techniques that satisfy them.

By choosing your own healers and techniques, you will find what works best for YOU. N0 choice is more intimate, really.

Of course you're a consumer, if you're doing E.F.T., Reiki, Energy Spirituality, etc.

Of course, you can be smart as a consumer when the "product" you're buying with time, energy, caring is a form of healing or personal growth. So:

Do NOT copy the choices of friends or people in chat rooms. You are not dating some cute thing who runs with your crowd in high school. Choices of healing are vitally important. Other people you know may have very different standards from you.

Do NOT assume, for instance, that just because you like this blog that my approach necessarily will help you. Before you invest $125 in a personal session with me, it might be smart to start off by buying one of my books -- all at the Official Rose Rosetree website,

Please do NOT expect a professional healer to be willing to get acquainted with you, spend 5-500 minutes with you on the phone, etc. It's not about whether healers like me are nice or caring. We are booked up many weeks or months in advance, and with people who have made a commitment to pay appropriately for our services. Why would we spend loads of time getting to know people who may have only the most casual interest in us or our work?

Last week, friendly caller "Joe" left a message for me that went, literally, "I want to get to know you. Of course, I don't have money to pay for a session. But I know you will be very glad you helped me because I am special."

Being a consumer means that you use your consumer smarts, rather than being a follower. For instance, some water filter companies have done a great job of marketing, and you'll see those brands widely used. But that's about marketing. A smart consumer goes to Consumer Reports and check on impartial evaluations.

For local services here in Metro D.C., you don't just ask your neighbor for a referral. Why not go to Washington Consumer Checkbook? In your locality, there may well be a similar service.

There is no version of Consumer Reports for New Age, of course. But you can gather information from websites. You can also ask professionals like me for an opinion. After gathering all that information, your own opinion matters most.

It's a very tricky terrain, making comments in response to Peter's question. But having given all these disclaimers, I will share my point of view. Remember, this is just one person's point of view.

* Where to start your exploration of Energy Healing?

Most of my recommendations are going to be related to YOU and what you have going on with personal preferences, etc. However, there are two skills that I think need to be considered first for everyone.

Aura reading, or full Energetic Literacy, is the simplest, smartest place to start. All energy- based techniques affect your energy field. How can you intelligently evaluate different approaches, practitioners, their usefulness for you now, etc., unless you can read auras reasonably well?

To read auras, you don't need to be clairvoyant, like Donna Eden, Janet Mentgen, or Barbara Brennan. You just need to learn literacy skills to support your full personal gift set. (Of course you have one.)

Incidentally, having just beginner's Stage 1 Energetic Literacy isn't going to help you as a consumer. It could even make you extra vulnerable to making poor choices. Read elsewhere at this blog to learn more about that -- e.g., Type "Energetic Literacy" in the search box. Developing full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is your birthright.

Will you claim it? Literacy doesn't just happen, you know.

Because I'm a teacher and healer myself, I have met many of my peers in different specialties of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. Most do NOT have this basic literacy yet, which (with all respect) limits their effectiveness.

As I train healers in Energy Spirituality with my Mentoring Program, every single person learns Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Hey, my last Aura Reading weekend workshops in America and Japan both had 100% success rates at turning people (mostly total beginners) into aura readers with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

As a consumer, or as a healer, there is no substitute. You can then start to assess what a particular technique actually does for you.

* Especially Essential for Empaths

The second skill set I would definitely recommend universally as a priority... only applies to those of you who were born as empaths. Not everyone is, of course. It's just 1 in 20 people, but that's a statistic for the general population. For people interested in New Age or holistic healing, the percentage is considerably higher.

This simple free quiz for empaths can help you learn more. As can numerous articles at this blog. (Just type "Empath" in the search box.)

Empaths do not necessarily feel other people's emotions. Instead, being an empath means this:

You have at least one lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

And, if you are born as an empath, you are not born skilled.

When "merely talented, not skilled," you constantly pick up STUFF from other people. It goes into your aura and detracts from your quality of life, ability to DO any energy healing technique, etc. But STUFF can always, always, always be healed. And there are skills you can learn quite easily that will turn you into a Skilled Empath.

If you ARE an empath, anything at all that you do for healing -- whether Donna Eden's Energy Medicine or E.F.T., etc. -- will put you at risk for picking up STUFF. You could even do a session with another healer as a paying client and pick up STUFF from that healer.

Sure, most techniques being taught include things to do for "protection." But this is irrelevant. Empaths need empath skills in addition to any protection skills that go with Reiki, etc.

So if you are an empath, regardless of whether you prefer Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, or Energy Spirituality, it is really smart to develop those skills. Of course, I recommend the distinctive skill set called Empath Empowerment(TM) and the better of my books to learn it from is the one reflecting 10 years as a pioneer in this specialty, Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.

Think you have empath skills handled? Many of the approaches that today's talented empaths use, such as "Working with my boundaries" have zero effectiveness at the level of auras.

Educate yourself, please. Obviously, this is one of those cases where having full Energetic Literacy can help you tell the difference between something that just sounds good or feels good versus something that really is effective, all the way through to your chakra databanks.

* Energy Medicine

Let's use this term, "Energy Medicine" for the whole range of mind-body-spirit techniques where the physical body is the point of entry for the healing. So that would include:

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine
Janet Mentgen's Healing Touch
Barbara Brennan's Bioenergetics
Pranic Healing
Quantum Healing

Energy Medicine is a great place to start if you have physical problems. It's also a great place to start if:

You are truly at the beginner level.

You are not at the beginner level, but you really respect and like healing that impacts the physical body.

You already have credentials in other physical forms of healing, such as being a nurse or chiropractor.

In your daily life, you mostly notice physical things, such as people's bodies, how you feel in your own physical body.

You are afraid of paying attention to the inner you, whether your emotions or anything that might be considered spiritual.

* Reiki vs. Other Forms of Energy Medicine

To many beginners, Reiki is THE TECHNIQUE. It's the best known.

You can learn it in a weekend. You can even become a Reiki Master in a weekend, these days (unfortunately).

Yes, there are some excellent Reiki practitioners and Reiki healers. Here is my perspective, however, as someone who has studied Reiki levels I, II, and III (up to the point right before becoming a Reiki Master, because I already had a few little projects I wanted to do professionally). Important: I got started before publication of Diane Stein's Essential Reiki.

Usually I'm a big fan of books, as you can imagine. ;-) However, Ms. Stein can be credited with single-handedly destroying quality control within Reiki.

In this book, and no, I am not recommending that you buy it, Diane found out and printed the esoteric secrets of Reiki that never were supposed to be shared except in a sacred manner, heart to heart and hand to hand, with those who were ready to receive the complete learning, from someone who was a true master of that learning.

For example, before Diane's book, I had a friend, "Gladys," who loved Reiki. Reiki became her life. Gladys apprenticed with a great Reiki Master, Beth Gray (who taught Me Reiki Level II). Gladys apprenticed for a very long time, really owned the teaching. Eventually, in a master-to-apprentice fashion, Gladys was given the honor of becoming a Reiki Master. As part of this, back in 1980, Gladys paid $10,000 for Beth's time and caring in apprenticing her. Beth deserved it and Gladys was honored to pay it.

After Diane's book, I began meeting people who supposedly became "Reiki Masters" by reading her book. Or they took one weekend workshop. One particularly horrifying example, to me, was a sweet, sincere, beginner healer I met, "Josephine."

Josephine carried around a couple of pieces of paper where she had written down her notes from the Reiki weekend course. She had to refer to this when she did even Reiki Level 1. Yet Josephine was already selling her services and initiating people as a "Reiki Master."

If you care about integrity when learning Energy Medicine
If you are interested in doing a form of Energy Medicine, I recommend that you study with Donna Eden, whose system has full integrity still.

Janet Mentgen's system of Healing Touch is also wonderful.

Whichever system or practitioner you choose, be selective. Just because people advertise themselves as professionals doesn't mean they are well trained or have a level of expertise. For example, I have known people who claim they offer "Healing Touch" or "a Healing Touch" who have never taken a single course in the real Healing Touch system.

Full Energetic Literacy sure could be helpful here, right?

Also, if you have been using a system of Energy Medicine and stopped making much progress, consider one of the other forms of Energy Healing. Or psychotherapy. Or improving your lifestyle. For pity's sake, don't just do more and more and more Energy Medicine.

* Energy Psychology

Techniques of Energy Psychology are especially appealing if you are interested in emotions or emotional problems or have been involved in psychological healing and wish to grow faster. (However, Energy Spirituality might be just as good a choice. Even reading through this whole article, you may be in a position to know your own strongest preference at this time.)

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) can be a Godsend for people who are stuck emotionally. I especially applaud Dr. David Feinstein for naming this "Energy Psychology" and doing so much to bring this energy-based modality into the mainstream.

There's good news and bad news about E.F.T., however.

The good news: You can learn E.F.T. from some inexpensive CDs by Gary Craig, and he even encourages you to share them for free with up to five people.
The bad news: You can learn E.F.T. from some inexpensive CDs by Gary Craig, and he even encourages you to share them for free with up to five people.
You don't have to think very hard to realize that Gary Craig has an extremely interesting business model. He clearly has zero interest in quality control.

This model works great for him because he gains a huge fan base, including loads of people who have hung out their shingles as E.F.T. experts. Sure, a small percentage will study further with him. Either way, Gary wins in terms of marketing himself.

But many people who do E.F.T. aren't necessarily good at it. They could have watched 10 minutes of a DVD, or been taught by friends. Whatever depth is available in using this technique, who knows? Who cares?

Unless you have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy in hiring a practitioner, how are you to tell?

Of course, most people start with E.F.T. on their own. My recommendation is that you do this by giving the method respect, learning it well as it is taught rather than a quickie version. Continue to use E.F.T. just as long as you get permanent results.

Then either go as a client to a real expert at this form of healing or pursue a different specialty for healing.

* More Consumer Perspective on Energy Psychology

Many people now, alas, use E.F.T. as a crutch. They tap every day. Some sit in my workshops, or workshops of my colleagues, tapping on themselves. Think about that! How effective is any technique if it must be done constantly?

Surely Energy Psychology is meant to be, and can be, a powerful form of healing. It is not, however, meant to be a new way to multi-task one's way through life.

One new arrival on the Energy Psychology scene is ActivInsight, a fabulous technique developed by Andrew Bernstein and taught in his how-to book The Myth of Stress.

I call it a technique of Energy Psychology because the entry point is through emotions. Bernstein does not discuss auras, etc. in this book. However, I have sometimes used ActivInsight in my sessions with clients (depending on which skill set was appropriate for which client at the time), and it can trigger some improvement on the level of auras.

I do think that the best time to use ActivInsight is after a cord of attachment has been cut. Otherwise, the healing could be quite shallow. But IF the related cord of attachment has been cut in a quality way first, doing ActivInsight just once could accelerate moving forward.

Professional psychotherapists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists deserve a shout-out here. If you need the services of a professional in psychology, you can get even more bang for your buck by supplementing these services with E.F.T. or ActivInsight (or techniques of Energy Spirituality or Energy Medicine, for that matter).

Don't underestimate the talent and training and expertise of professionals in the mental health field. If a therapist respects you all the more because you are using a form of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, or Energy Spirituality, that could be important to you, right? Never conceal from a therapist the other techniques you are using.

Also, if you have been using any system of Energy Psychology and stopped making much progress, consider one of the other forms of Energy Healing. Or psychotherapy. Or improving your lifestyle. For pity's sake, don't just do more and more and more Energy Psychology.

* Energy Spirituality and Cutting Cords of Attachment

With Energy Spirituality, your point of entry is your own energy field or aura. You don't need to be an aura reader to do techniques of Energy Spirituality but -- as noted before, you would be smart to learn this basic form of literacy for the third millennium. That goes for any Energy Healing technique.

And please, please, remember that full Energetic Literacy does not require clairvoyance. You CAN learn it. If you can read this screen you are equally capable of developing full Energetic Literacy.

And if you have tried, without great success, you just didn't find your teacher yet. If you must blame someone, blame that book or teacher and keep on seeking someone who can help you better.

Energy Spirituality is an emerging field, not nearly as well known as Energy Medicine, Reiki, Energy Psychology, EFT, etc. I suspect this is because:

The founder of Energy Spirituality (me) has a two-person company with a whole lot to do aside from marketing this specialty. (About 36 session hours per week with clients, plus writing books, plus lovingly doing this blog, etc.)
Many people mistakenly assume that, in order to do healing based on going straight for the level of auras, first you must be an aura reader, or that clairvoyance is required. (Ha ha, you know better, right?) You don't have to read auras. You just need to read auras to be a smart consumer.

Many people already have experience with doctors, etc., so Energy Medicine is an obvious next step, not Energy Spirituality.

Many people already have experience with therapists, 12-Step programs, etc., so Energy Psychology is an obvious next step, not Energy Spirituality.

How many people already have experience with someone who facilitates emotional and spiritual healing by going straight into that person's auric field to remove STUFF? There isn't the same "graduation" process as my colleagues benefit from when they offer Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology.

That word "Spirituality" can be a turn-off, as can the few vague notions people have that perhaps Energy Spirituality means spiritualism or mediumship or channeling -- definitely not.

Faith healing at a revival meeting -- definitely not.

Do you have to even believe in God to benefit from Energy Spirituality? No.

Do you need to have faith? No.

Need to belong to any organized religion? No.

You just need to have heard of Energy Spirituality in the first place and be willing to try it.

I have learned to be patient about all of this. I just reach the people I can reach and teach the people I can teach.

Okay, I am pretty patient.

In my semi-patient way, I have found that many things I have set in motion have gained traction over the years. For example:

When I published my first face reading book, I Can Read Your Face, this form of energetic literacy was hardly known in America. Googling it now, Sunday, Sept/ 19, 2010,"face reading" has well over 90,000,000 hits and within the field I am known as "The Mother of American physiognomy."

If you just Google the title of my biggest seller in the field (of my three books on physiognomy) you will find that loads of face readers are using The Power of Face Reading as a phrase to market themselves. It is, I suppose, an honor that "power of face reading" now scores 9,740,000 hits.

When I wrote the first (and still only) book in English about cutting cords of attachment, googling brought forth three screens of hits. Today, Google reports nearly 1,500,000 hits.

When I introduced the term "Chakra databanks," in Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality, there were zero hits. Today, Google shows 233,000 hits. And chakra databanks are a vital aspect of full Energetic Literacy.

I am kind of giggling to myself about the book now in press, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium. Because this book also introduces some brand new terms to the field of Energy Spirituality, and it will be fun to track their hits over the years and decades to come.

* Which skill sets really are involved in Energy Spirituality?

Any of these would qualify as Energy Spirituality. To me, however, the complete set of ALL these is required to be a fully qualified practitioner, and I do make all of these available to my clients as appropriate.

A quality method to cut cords. (The only trademarked system in America so far is my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R))

Being able to detect and heal all these forms of astral debris, that can impact clients significantly:

**Psychic coercion.
**Negative thought forms.
**Outgrown facade bodies and belief bodies.
**Astral entitities.
**Extra-terrestrial entities.
**Psychic ties.

This skill set originates from Teaching of the Inner Christ, which made me a lay minister in 1986. I teach an adapted form of these skills in my workshop for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Other useful skills that, I believe, must be included for professionalism in the field of Energy Spirituality are:

**Ability to detect and treat Spiritual Addiction and other aura-level addictions.
Facilitating exorcisms, as appropriate.

**Diagnosing and healing a variety of ways a person may be Outsourcing Human Life to Astral-Level Guides.

**Finding and healing the impact of Energetic Ponzi Schemes, a.k.a. Astral-Level Ponzi Schemes.

**Using clear perception of auras to identify, then using skills to heal, Energetic Sub-Routines.

**When requested, assessing the value of a particular spiritual path toward Enlightenment, based on the impact on a person's auric field, rather than how lovely the ideas or philosophy appear to be, etc.

**Offering Thrill Your Soul research to assess life choices based on detailed reading of consequences for chakra databanks.

**Working as a psychiatric medication intuitive, helping those who must take medication for mental health problems to learn in advance, through direct research at the level of auras and chakra databanks, WHICH medication to choose from those that might, theoretically, be appropriate. This Energy Spirituality specialty always must be done in conjunction with a psychiatrist or other qualified mental health professionals (and the fairly complex skill set could, actually, be taught to them).

This specialty in Energy Spirituality is a change from standard practice, which I call the "Guinea Pig" method of assigning medications to patients.

**Finally, another skill set that I find really important for this form of healing involves removing frozen blocks of energy. The amazing pioneer in this field is Dr. Coletta Long, Ph.D.

Personally, I consider her THE genius in the entire field of hypnosis and regression therapy. And "genius" is not a word I use lightly. If you ever have a chance to be in session with Coletta, go for it. She has done more regressions than anyone alive, starting when she was 18 and now well into her 80's. She may not be doing this work forever.

Dr. Long might not consider her type of regression therapy to be related to Energy Spirituality, but it meets the criteria for me. And I don't think it's an accident that her background includes both having a Ph.D. as a clinical psychologist and also being fully credentialled as a Unity Minister.

Energy Spirituality does directly remove STUFF in auras, and impact is noticed primarily on a person's emotional life. So it is a blend of psychology informed by direct spiritual experience on the part of the practitioner.

After being certified by Dr. Long, I have made a few adaptations to her approach and include Energy Release Regression Therapy as a part of my work in Energy Spirituality. You can contact her directly for referrals to other practitioners of this type of regression therapy.

* More Consumer Perspective on Energy Spirituality

Yes, you can definitely learn some skills of Energy Spirituality without having to learn all the ones I have mentioned here. You can even learn to Cut Cords of Attachment from a book. I certainly worked very hard for 3 1/2 years to write Cut Cords of Attachment.

However the aspect of quality control with cutting cords is a huge problem. You can find many articles online about quality control with cutting cords, plus many posts to educate you about the huge healing power of this skill set when done in an effective manner. For starters, click on the book cover at or type CORD OF ATTACHMENT into the search box on the upper left column at this blog.

Here is just one example of the horrendous problems that exist now, when so many people dabble in cutting cords but don't yet respect the power of this healing method.

Not to single out Barbara Brennan particularly, I thought she might be an interesting example of lack of respect for cutting cords. Her work as a healer is so very respected in general. Brennan has international academies and boasts what is probably the most prestigious (and expensive) method for training Energy Healers.

Yet here are her comments, and standards, about cords of attachment:

In Hands of Light, she generalizes about "all cords to mothers," including the rather stunning statement that, "the third chakra cords seem to be a reenactment of the dependent child/mother connection and are very important in terms of transactional analysis in the therapeutic process." ( pp. 75-76)

Brennan also offers a technique in that book to clean and reattach cords of attachment, while providing no information or insights or --in the opinion of Rose Rosetree, a practitioner in the field for over 25 years -- any permanent healing whatsoever.

So, the consumer point here here is that if you are going to cut cords of attachment, or use the services of a healer, know that this is a legitimate specialty. Treat this healing with all due respect. Plus use your consumer smarts.

Marks of shoddy practice in Energy Spirituality include any work with cords of attachment where "all" are removed or "many" are removed at one time. Or where a person ever needs to remove a cord of attachment more than once.

Also, if you have been using a system of Energy Spirituality and stopped making much progress, consider one of the other forms of Energy Healing. Or psychotherapy. Or improving your lifestyle. For pity's sake, don't just do more and more and more Energy Spirituality. (And, if you were my client, I would tell you the very same thing!)

* A peek at the future for Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology

In days to come, I predict that all three of these specialties will be taught at the college, or post-graduate, level. It will be possible to study in depth and become professionally qualified.

Yes, some day you will be able to hang out your shingle as a fully trained professional in one of these three energy specialties. Go ahead, prestigious university. Invite me.

Okay, you might first want to give me an honorary Ph.D. so I would be qualified to teach at the university level!

Meanwhile, I'm ready to design and teach that program about Energy Spirituality. Yet I am, more or less, patient.

How long will it take before the medical establishment, and society at large, give these three specialties the respect they are due? The answer, in part, lies with you. the person reading these words.

Be a smart consumer. Notice what does and doesn't work for you. Give credit where it is due, to your friends, on the Internet, by purchasing books related to these specialties, within your professional field if you are already credentialled as a healer.

By your very interest in reading all the way to the end of this article, you have shown you are not merely a beginner. On behalf of Donna Eden and David Feinstein and the late Janet Mengen, on behalf of all the hard-working ethical pioneers in this field of Energy Healing, on behalf of all those who can be healed in these ways but don't yet know that these specialties even exist -- thank you so much for taking notice.

Thank you for courageously exploring. And thank you for sharing your truth with the world.

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