I recently bought a Nokia E-series for my personal use. For 2 months I was getting a really good service from the mobile with sound speakers and good set of headphones. I was really elated. But after few months of buying the mobile the speakers and the display encountered some problems. I headed to the nearest customer care centre for a replacement of the mobile as it was still in its guarantee period, but instead they suggested me to repair the speakers and the display. Now, it’s been 2 weeks and my cell is still lying there and they don’t even entertain my call. A company like Nokia which is a brand in itself is negligent towards customer rights. Companies should try to safeguard consumer protection rights and instead they are ignoring that fact.

Customer protection rights should be preserved; otherwise people will not value the brand. I have filed a consumer complaint so that this type of negligence could be checked. A consumer complaint is a formal way of lodging a complaint against a company or service of a product. Consumer complaint educates customers in raising their voice against injustice. Some consumers are not aware of their rights. Consumer complaint helps to safeguard the rights of the customers. If we are not satisfied with a product or a service or an organization concerned, then we have every right to complaint against it. Consumer complaints can be made by writing a complaint letter. A complaint letter is a legal way of accomplishing one’s demand. A customer complaint legally helps a person to voice one’s opinion and lodge a legal claim against violation of any rule or customer protection rights. It helps a customer to raise its voice against injustice. Customer Complaint tries to protect customer rights by defending customers against malpractices, by prohibiting certain illegal practice.

To promote and protect the rights and interests of consumer, consumer protection laws are executed by the Government. Some of the consumer protection rights are Right to Safety, Right to Information, Right to Choice, Right to be heard, The Right to Redress, The right to consumer education. But these rights are not always executed either by the organization or sometimes by the law. So, there is always a need for customer protection. Sometimes complaints fall on deaf ears, they go unheard, that is why there is always a need to register these complaints. That is when consumer complaints come to rescue. Consumer complaints are a legal way of filing one’s dissatisfaction for a service or product. It is a legal way of filing a claim. I have filed a consumer complaint against Nokia and have at least got a positive response after filling the complaint. The customer care centre has personally called me asking for the queries and has promised me to change the handset. Although it might take a week but the procedure is quite effective. Our Government has assigned us certain civil liberties and certain consumer rights. If these certain rights are not safeguarded by the Government then a consumer has every right to file a complaint letter. One needs to be aware of their rights and laws so that they don’t fall prey to any injustice.

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Mahesh Bansal has a 10 long year’s of career expertise of working as a content writer. Throughout the years, Mr Basal has been writing content about the consumer related issues(consumer complaints,consumer forum , consumer protection etc) and has developed in-depth knowledge about the commandment followed for the costumer protection rights.