Newspaper is a paper containing news, opinions, advertisements and other items of general interest. In broad sense newspaper is an unbound publication, issued at regular intervals, that seeks to inform, analyze, influence, entertain and shape public opinion. It is regularly printed and distributed usually daily or weekly. Most of the issues in the newspaper are out of date as soon as the next one is printed. Yet, the contents of the newspaper are never out of date, since they are continuing history of mankind.

The Indian newspaper industry is largely an intellectual property driven industry with small and large players spread across the length and breadth of the country. With globalization and consumerism picking up, interesting and impressive news items are observed in the market. The newspaper industry plays a major role in educating and disseminating information to the masses. The growth of vernacular publications and special-interest publications are the significant developments in the industry. New delivery platforms, technological breakthrough, increase in content variety, favorable regulatory initiatives, increasing advertising expenditures and rising income levels are some of the factors which are attributed to the growth of the industry.

Though there are different forms of media like television and internet, newspapers are still popular due to their portability. The definitions of newspapers are changing as the newspaper companies move from single-product management (newspapers) to multi-product management—often under the company’s brand name, typically
the title of the newspaper. It is observed that the readership growth between 2000-2005 stood at 28% which
is a very good sign for the print media industry. According to a national readership survey, on an average an urban Indian spends around 32 minutes in reading newspaper. Thus, a booming economy with resultant consumer spending and technological innovations have created the opportunity to reach out to the masses with encouraging results.

Though the newspaper industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift from general news to focused news on different sectors, it faces a lot of competition from media and entertainment industry.

The newspaper industry is in its buoyancy, as it is witnessing very huge investments due to the increasing literacy rate and technological revolution. Newspapers have become more portable and attractive. They are driving the publishers and customers to grab the opportunity available in the form of information. Proliferation of internet and international connectivity has affected newspaper publishers globally. The publishers are on a constant look out to find out the factors which influence customers the most. Research studies are conducted to continuously monitor the changing taste of the customers so that the up graded version can be delivered to the customers in time.

With content getting improved and prices becoming more competitive, newspaper industry is in the upswing. Growth in GDP, changes in demographics and adoption of digital technology are the future prime drivers for the media industry. Three industries, viz., IT, communication and entertainment are widely expected to propel the future economies of most countries, including India.

Business ad spending is on the rise due to the continuous growth in corporate forecasting. With rural population becoming more literate, access to new paper has become a sheer habit. This throws enormous opportunities to the newspaper industry and it is projected to experience tremendous changes in the years to come. The industry will face challenges from online newspapers, emergence of interactive television, radio and mobile television where people can watch news instantly. Better use of technology, consolidation, progressive policy initiatives and improved infrastructure provides a fillip to the industry. This enables publishers to retain customers.

Companies will either survive or fail in the future, not just on content but also on creative intelligence in gathering data and on the taste and preferences of the customers. As strategy and technological practices become inextricably linked, those with the boldness of vision to meet the challenges by transforming the way they do business today will be the industry’s winners tomorrow.

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