Spectacles however classy and costly may be tend to mar the look of the face and this especially affects people for whom looks may be everything from the girl next door to superstars and politicians. Thankfully contact lenses online come to the rescue of such people and others who would like to have clear and good vision without the troubles of the spectacles or glasses.

About Contact lenses

As the popularity of the contact lenses rose over the years, scientific research has led to its division into two main categories. One is the soft lenses made from out of plastics that contain moisture and the other is the oxygen permeable GP contact lenses that are rigid.

The other classification of contact lenses is by wearing schedule. The contacts that are worn daily need to be removed each night before sleep, cleaned and stored properly for reuse. These are generally the traditional type and named non-disposable lenses that should be replaced every year. This category is limited to the made-to-order and prescriptions that are difficult to manufacture and getting these contact lenses online is more preferable.

The other classification is the extended wear contact lens. These are made for extended period of continuous use and can be worn overnight too. The extended wear contact lenses can be worn continuously without the need for removal, cleansing or storing for about 30 days. The third classification is the daily disposable lenses. These are discarded after each use that is every night and hence quite obviously are made from softer material and don't need any upkeep. It is easy to purchase these contact lenses online and all these types and more are available for selection at reputed online shops.

Apart from the above when you purchase contact lenses online you also get the option to choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly usable contact lenses. These also come under the disposable contact lens category

Designs Of Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses are available in different designs. The spherical ones are for correcting far and near sightedness that are indicated by the ophthalmologist with a plus or a minus sign on your prescription. There are also the bifocal contact lenses used to correct presbyopia. This is generally used by aged people whose ability to see from both far and near distances is decreased. Astigmatism can be corrected by using toric contact lenses.

Beauty Contact lenses

Contact lenses are not for corrective purposes only. Apart from the prescription contact lenses you can also get colored lenses when you purchase contact lenses online. These are used to change or enhance the natural color of the eyes. Then there is the special- effect lenses used for novelty purposes and by theatre and film artists. The third type of beauty contact lens is the prosthetic contact lenses. These are colored and are generally used to cosmetically mask the disfigurement of the eyes.

The latest addition is the UV inhibitors embedded into the contact lenses to protect from exposure to harsh sunlight.

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