Contacting My Ex Boyfriend – Doing It The Right Way; Ex boyfriend contact can be intimidating and difficult, but it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. Contacting your ex boyfriend is a straightforward task once you know what you are doing.

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When you first start out and decide that getting together with your ex is really what you want, it can be an imposing and difficult task. Without a step by step plan firmly in place you can easily lose your footing and fumble through some initial contact. Keep yourself calm and make sure you're prepared. That way you can easily anticipate your next moves and be well-equipped to handle whatever arises - and you might be surprised at your overall result.

Start off Slowly

Saying that good things come to those who wait is not just a trite saying your grandmother used to tell you when waiting for freshly baked cookies to cool. It's actually true. Being patient right now is going to make you appreciate the joy associated with a reconnection when the time comes, and it's going to make your ex-boyfriend appreciate the continual presence you were in his life. If you want your ex to even consider the possibility of seeing you romantically, he's going to need to desire a relationship with you and that unfortunately cannot happen until there is some space established between you.

Your breakup does not have to be an epic battle of wills with one of you wanting to walk away and the other one desperately trying to hold on. For now, it's best to just let go. Time is going to give you some very valuable insight into yourself that may be currently clouded by some powerful and overwhelming emotions. While you're apart, work on clearing the cobwebs from your mind. Clean house mentally and emotionally and handle any lingering hurt that came from your breakup. While you're working on that, your ex-boyfriend is going to start realizing that you're not around - and that's going to make him miss you. Absence does make the heart grow fonder even if it hurts you to go through it while it's happening.

Don't Rush In

It's often second-nature to reach out and try to maintain contact with an ex-boyfriend immediately following a breakup - especially when the breakup was not something that you were after. If you desired a long-term relationship with a guy that has dumped you, a common misconception is that staying a part of his life is going to up the ante and make him rethink the breakup.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The longer you accept this charade, the longer your ex is going to feel like he is able to keep it going. He will feel comfortable and established in his new single life because nothing is at risk. You're still a part of his life, and losing you isn't even an option on the table that has crossed his mind. Seeing you is not something that appeals to him at all. He doesn't want to face the guilt associated with breakups and he doesn't want to be put on guard by running into you unexpectedly. While the idea of friendship may have been brought up, it's not something that is in the best interest for either one of you. You can't imagine a friendship with a man that you still love - and you shouldn't have to.

Rushing contact with ex boyfriend is definitely out - and that means contact of any kind. You can't try to softball a difficult situation by maintaining a text conversation while eliminating phone or in-person contact. No contact means that you can't have contact with him at all - no matter what form it takes. If you stay away completely, your ex may take you by surprise and make the first move to call. If he does, it's not time to get your hopes up. Just receiving a phone call doesn't mean he's ready to act like the breakup never happened. It means that his curiosity is getting the better of him. From there, your odds are going to improve - as long as you can stick to your guns and keep the stream of information at bay and out of his reach.

What You Should Expect from Him

Your expectations are more beneficial if they're grounded in reality - and not in hopes and dreams. You know that your ex-boyfriend is curious about what's been happening in your life, and he should be. You've been a complete mystery ever since he left the relationship and mysteries beg to be solved - especially in the mind of an ex.

He is desperate for some answers and for the first time since deciding to dump you, he's second-guessing himself in a big way. He's realizing that he may be facing a loss that he never saw coming. Until that thought crosses his mind, reconciliation isn't on the table. Now that he's thinking about it, you're in the perfect position to strike - as long as you do it correctly and apply reason and rationality in your words and actions.

Taking the Plunge

Take a deep breath and get ready to dive back into the pool. You're not going into this blind. You're going to be prepared and ready for action. Attempting to fight a battle blind only gets people hurt - yourself included. Make sure that everything is prepared before-hand. You cannot wing this; it's not something that can be accomplished successfully on the fly. After all of your hard work, risking it all on a spur-of-the-moment decision is just plain silly.

If your options seem limited or you can't think up a reason that would justify picking up that phone, find a handy excuse that is sure to work in your favor. Most guys inadvertently leave something behind after a breakup. He's been hesitant to ask about it in fear of your potential reaction. Now is the perfect time to offer to give it back. Let him know that you've found something of his lying around the house - but do it over the phone, not through an email or text. From there, let him make his own plans to pick it up. He may suggest a neutral or public place and that's fine. You're simply getting your foot in the door and making the rest of the process a possibility and that's your ultimate goal.

Your Next Steps

The contacting my ex boyfriend dilemma can be easily solved by following the above advice, but what about afterwards, what do you do then? There are numerous effective get him back techniques that you can start implementing today to make him want you back and change his mind about you. Also look out for signs he still likes you, you will want to know what his real feelings are before pursuing him further.

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