Contacting My Ex Boyfriend - The Right Way To Talk To Him; Feel like contacting ex boyfriend? The two of you feel like strangers and you barely are able to form words to say to each other. Breakups are, by definition, awkward and strange. They turn two people who used to share an intimate bond into little more than acquaintances. Obviously this can't continue indefinitely if you really want to get back together. Make sure you're prepared - know what to say and when to say it. Taking advantage of all your research here is the key to overcoming the obstacles facing you and enabling your success when contacting your ex boyfriend.

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One Step at a Time

Rekindling a relationship is not a simple, easy or fast process and it's not meant to be. It takes a lot of hard work on your part and that can be discouraging and overwhelming when it feels one-sided. That feeling is not going to last forever. If you can make it through the initial phases with your sanity and your intelligence intact, you're going to make it. You can't rebuild a relationship when it's the last thing he wants. Right now what he wants is time - time away from you and away from the relationship he left behind. You need to give it to him.

Be confident in knowing that you're doing what's best for you both. You cut the cord that bound you together and you did it cleanly without leaving behind a mess that has to be cleaned up. Because of that, your ex-boyfriend is going to start remembering the positive aspects of your relationship, especially since you're not around. Once that starts happening, he can begin missing you. Missing you is the missing piece of the puzzle that will eventually rekindle his romantic interest in you and light the fire under your future relationship.

Enforcing a Time-Out

Time outs aren't just for children anymore. They're beneficial to both parts of post-breakup couples as well. You're in for a long ride, so it's time to buckle up and enjoy it for all that it's worth. You need to tap into your reserve of patience and if the well starts running dry; it's time to look for some additional inspiration. Think of this time apart as mutually beneficial.

It's a fact that engaging in contact with your ex-boyfriend too soon can seriously mess with your mind and you've probably spent a lot of time trying to get it screwed on in the right direction again after the breakup. It's not worth it - it's not worth risking all the hard work you've done by moving too quickly and rushing into something that is going to create a lasting regret. You don't want to spend the next several months (or longer) beating yourself up for not sticking to your guns now. Give yourself some credit and give this break the benefit of the doubt.

Your ex-boyfriend doesn't want to have anything to you with you at this particular moment. You're the girl he broke up with and depending on any past breakup experiences that he may have had; he may be anticipating the crap hitting the fan in a big way. You're just not giving him the satisfaction. To pull this off, you need to stick to the one and only rule. No contact simply means have no contact. It doesn't mean "no contact except for the occasional email or text message".

No matter what you try to tell yourself to weasel out of what you have to do, the result is going to be the same. If you can't stick to a no-contact rule, you can't successfully complete the process necessary to win him back. That means that all the other challenges you've faced will add up to nothing and you'll have to start all over again - that is, if you haven't blown your chance completely.

Be Prepared for His Reaction

No matter what your ex-boyfriend may have told you, not hearing from you never seriously crossed his mind as a possible result. It may not occur to him right away but eventually the fact that he hasn't heard from you in a while is going to sink in. Then he's going to start counting backwards to try and figure out when he last heard from you. When he realizes that you made a clean break once he ended the relationship some overwhelming and surprising thoughts are going to start to pop up. Initially he may think that you're just upset that he dumped you, but it's going to quickly start evolving into something else.

Most guys have a tendency to be slightly egotistical but that can backfire when doubts start turning inward. What if it was him all along? What if you were just waiting for an excuse to leave him behind and when he broke up with you he provided you with the perfect way out? However unintentional it may have been at first, your ex is now conscious of the fact that he's been looking for you to see what you're doing. When you're not in sight, he's going to start to wonder why.

Reaching out Right

Staying away is not a process that can be effective after a few days - it's more complicated than that. Eventually enough time will have passed that it's now safe for you to take the next step. Plan it out carefully - you don't want to end up making a foolish mistake now like popping up out of the blue at his favorite after-work hangout. Emails or texts are going to seem even more random and can be easily ignored.

To have the best reaction, calling him is your best bet - and that can only be done when you find an acceptable reason to reach out. Go through your things and see if he's left something behind that he may be interested in recovering and make the call. Then see how he reacts. He'll probably come up with a place to meet or offer to come by. Either way, you're getting what you've been preparing for - face-to-face contact and some valuable time to evaluate his current state while testing your own.

Your Next Steps

Contact with your ex boyfriend is only one part of the getting back together puzzle. There is so much more that you need to learn about male psychology and you can learn all about it with these powerful get him back techniques. Another thing that you need to be aware of if you want your ex boyfriend back is not to make these break up mistakes - a lot of women think that they are not doing anything wrong, but he will see it differently.

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