In the midst of all the hype surrounding fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids, it is easy to overlook the possibility of contaminated fish oil supplements. For years, it has been crowned by many as the King of all supplements, it being endowed with numerous health benefits. It is because of the Omega 3 fatty acids that fish oil has earned the title and continues to enjoy royal treatment. Omega 3, it is said, is very abundant in fish, thus fish supplements has always been linked with good heart health and brain development.

And so one would find numerous options when it comes to fish supplements, such being an alternative to consuming whole fish every day. Yet now there are growing concerns over contaminated fish oil supplements, and one might wonder if these concerns signal the end of its reign? Studies done to check and authenticate the health benefits of oil from fish have yielded alarming results, and many are caught unaware that their fish supplements are contaminated with lead, mercury, and PCBs, all very toxic to human beings when ingested.

But of course this does not mean that all fish supplements in the market are toxic. To be very certain that you are not going to put yourself in danger while trying to be healthy, make sure that the sources of fish oil supplements must be oily fish swimming in the waters of New Zealand and not in the Atlantic Ocean where the waters are contaminated with toxins and harmful chemicals. But even then, a process called molecular distillation would remove these toxins, only that how effective it is would depend on several factors such as the equipment used, for one thing. If the manufacture of the fish oil supplements makes use of outdated equipment, chances are the equipment no longer has the capability of removing all traces of toxins. Continuous monitoring of fish oil manufacturers has to be done then so as to ensure that they are delivering safe omega 3 supplements to its customers. Just because a manufacturer has passed all initial tests to render the supplements safe, it does not mean that it shall not be re-evaluated again. Keep in mind that as the body ages so do processing equipment.

Many complain of allergic reactions and stomach disturbances while taking fish supplements. One might easily think of these as mere side effects. They are not life-threatening so why be overly concerned about them, right? Often enough, these are not side effects expected of these supplements; rather these are consequences when you consume health supplements that are no longer fresh and which contain traces of harmful chemicals.

Many, too, do not like the fishy after-taste that comes with taking the supplements. The fishy after-taste may be applicable to fish oil supplements that are not pharmaceutical grade. Needless to say, this is something that can be easily resolved by taking the supplement with meals or fruit juices to mask the taste.

When taking supplements with Omega 3, remember to supplement your daily diet with Vitamin E, too. Vitamin E has been found to be one essential vitamin necessary in the absorption of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish supplements are extremely popular these days, so be on the know so you will not be fooled into buying contaminated fish oil supplements.

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