The term 'chandelier' often still conjures up images of ornate and old fashioned light fittings, complete with plastic faux candles and gold or bronze branches. Contemporary chandelier designs, however, are following a renewed design aesthetic that appreciates clean lines as well as whimsical details for a look that is full of attitude and suits any room in the house.

  • Delicate Spindles
    Whereas the old style chandeliers were typically heavy and formal, the new fashion is for hanging lamps that are as light as air. Popular designs use the shiny, mirrored surfaces and crystal ornaments of old but in delicate new ways.
  • Stark Spikes
    Other contemporary chandelier designs have gotten rid of the shiny baubles of old designs for a look that is sombre and scaled down. These chandeliers are perfect for rustic dining spaces, as they resemble a modern take on medieval hanging lights. These chandelier styles achieve the perfect balance between elegance and informality.
  • Whitewash
    While many contemporary chandelier designs have revolted completely against the over-formality of old designs, others have embraced the tradition with fervour. It is easy to find modern chandelier designs that have all the curves and dripping embellishments you expect in a really special light fixture but with a monochromatic, modern twist.
  • Unexpected Places
    One of the most exciting things about new chandelier designs is that they have been created to be hung just about anywhere. Whereas chandeliers used to be found in only formal rooms with high ceilings, many interior designers are now placing them in tiny bathrooms and cabin style bedrooms. Contemporary chandelier designs immediately add elegance to even the most humble of rooms.
  • Abstract Influences
    The traditional chandelier shape is a picture of harmony in symmetry, but many lighting designers have lately been breaking design barriers to create chandeliers that don't conform to any pre-conceived idea of what a light should be. These designs typically couple bare bulbs with shaded ones at oblique angle to create a jarring and eye catching effect.
  • Clustered Pendants
    While technically not chandeliers, as they do not have branches coming off a central stem, there are many modern pendant lights that have the same luxurious look as a beautiful chandelier. The best designs cluster multiple pendant lights (the more the better!) together at the end of long cords. Through sheer volume, these lights create a fantastic atmosphere, even when the bulbs are left completely bare.
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