Content curation is becoming more popular and widely accepted as a viable means to create some really good reading material online! The 'former' attitude that finding content on the internet and using it 'as is' is unethical and is quickly fading into the past! The fact of the matter is that this 'process' actually helps give people a better understanding of some of the information already found online!

Let's have a closer look at the process involved when finding content already in its published state on the internet and using it for your own purposes!

Finding Relevant Information

For starters curating news or information is a process that involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information of relevance to your needs! Obviously the objective of this 'process' is to produce some really good reading material for those with an interest in the topic that's the focus of your efforts! Therefore finding content of relevance is the key to making this strategy work best for you and your readers!

Personalizing It

This is where you add your own insight or angle to what you have 'collected' giving readers a better understanding as to how it relates to their needs! Finding content and then 'translating' it into something your viewers find as really good reading material is the best way for you to add the 'personalized' touch!

Presenting - Applying It

The way in which you present your 'findings' will determine how successfully you're able to 'apply' it to the needs of your readers! Sometimes you'll find your efforts will focus more on making 'sense' of what you found simply because the original 'creator' may not have 'translated' it in an easy to read fashion! In many cases you may simply choose linking to the source however your work is NOT done unless you clearly display the relevancy! Remember the people you've targeted will only have an interest in what you publish provided you establish how it applies to their needs!

The content curation process is one that serves to actually give people a better understanding of some information already found online! Although much of what is published on the internet contains good information, it is not always presented in a way for viewers to easily understand! On the other hand a curator can take the same information and arrange it so it makes more sense! This results in presenting some really good reading material for people who have an interest in the topic! The 3 steps reviewed above summarize this process which of course first starts with finding content that displays relevancy to your needs! Once found it is then up to the curator to shape it into something others will regard as really good reading for anybody with an interest in the subject!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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