Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales online and build a rock solid business foundation but it does take time. The key is that this sales strategy is very subtle and is based upon building trust and credibility with people FIRST in order to make your marketing efforts easier down the line! Once you earn trust with your readers they become more receptive to considering any products or services you may present to them! In fact this trust is one of the biggest assets you can have when working on the internet and is not to be underestimated!

Let's break down in 3 steps why using content is such an effective sales strategy for marketers working on the internet!


The basic idea behind using content as a sales strategy on the internet is to freely offer useful information that focuses on your niche. People who share your interest and/or enthusiasm typically enjoy receiving as new information or insights that has relevance! The better the quality anything you circulate possesses the more credibility you'll stand to gain. In addition the more you offer the stronger the gratitude your readers will have towards you for your efforts and assistance in helping them become better informed! What you publish must be useful or else you'll be wasting your own efforts and risking the chance of developing a reputation for not being all that well informed in your field!


In time as your publications begin to saturate the market more people will begin to look for anything new you've created. Now you are beginning to develop a following along with the positive reputation you'll want and need to become known as an 'authority' within the field! Once people begin to view you as such is when you'll begin to realize why this strategy is one of the best ways to increase sales for your business! The fact is people are more incline to make purchases from those they trust and respect and this approach is a great way to develop both! Now instead of chasing after 'prospects' you attract them instead. This results in earning their loyalty which of course enables you to deliver your marketing messages!

Make Offers Not Pitches

Leveraging the reputation you have now developed gives you much more influence with your readers! Instead of using hype or 'over the top' sales pitches you can simply make 'offers' to people that they can choose to accept or decline! By not using more aggressive selling tactics you are less likely to offend or drive away people who view your offer thus allowing you to present other products or services in the future! Once you earn trust with readers and then do not violate it in any way you'll likely have many opportunities later on to 'influence' them to make purchases with you! This is where your marketing effectiveness begins to increase as your efforts become easier as well!

Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales on the internet since it allows you to earn trust with your readers! Once people become comfortable with you in this way your marketing effectiveness literally skyrockets while your promotional efforts tend to become easier! Many are reluctant to invest the time and patience necessary to make this sales strategy work but the long term benefits can't be ignored! When you consider how tough it is to promote to others without trust in you it only makes sense to invest the effort creating and circulating content requires up front! In doing so you stand to reap the rewards of more profits with less effort well into the future!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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